Sustainability Day 2016

final1On 12th of June YEE took part in Sustainability Day. It was a sustainable lifestyle festival. This event was organized by Greenglasses, a platform about environmentally-friendly living in Prague, and Nové trhy, an association which organises markets in the Czech Republic. It took place in the cultural centre Radlicka.

Several events were happening during the day: a market, discussions, live music, movies...

YEE was surrounded by other environmental organisations such as International Young Naturefriendsand lot of shops promoting sustainable products. There were shoes as well as cosmetics, food, garden products...

YEE presented two activities at this event. The first one was a game to calculate the ecological footprint of people. The second one was a quiz on youth participation in Europe. There were 9 questions which helped to find out how much the public knows about this topic, and how the reality can be different from their expectations. The quiz was related to theproject STEP.
A lot of people showed up and passed by the YEE stand. People were enthusiastic about our game and quiz. We can say that it was a successfull day for YEE, for the promotion of the network and of our campaigns and projects. We will keep this good final2experience in mind and hope there will be a second edition next year!

You can find more pictures about the event here