And the Right to Be(e) competition winner is...

collageforarticleWithin our international campaign The Right to Be(e) 2016 on creating awareness to support the survival of bees, we organised a competition. Participants were taking part by organising an activity to help the bees.

We received many interesting entries to our competition for best activity to help the bees. You can read more about each activity here. We would like to thank each one of them for their participation and we hope they will continue spreading awareness on this topic.

The winners were chosen by a secure poll, it is now closed and we received 318 votes! You can see the results in the activity page also.

First place with 127 votes goes to EYAS, Spain and their twitter campaign about the importance of bees.
The second place goes to Georgia Youth Eco Movement SAEM with 93 votes for their online activities and meeting of beekeepers and strawberry farmers.
The third place goes to Ylona, France, for her wild corner at the back of her garden.
We also would like to congratulate the 2 schools in Serbia and EDEN centre of Albania for their participation in the competition by organising activities about bees for children and, respectively, planting flowers on Tirana's sidewalk.
This was a tough competition with a lot of votes from all over Europe.

Many thanks again to everyone for your contributions !

Even if the competition is finished, nice activities are still taking place to help the bees. You can check out, for example, Ana's experience with helping the bees in Macedonia by learning about beekeeping and organic honey production.