People4Soil campaign is seeking for Ambassadors

AALast May 2016 YEE decided to join more than 300 other organisations in the People4Soil campaign, which aims at soil protection at the European level. You can have more information about it here.

The objective of the campaign is to promote a ECI – European Citizens Initiative – which is a European petition, that will be launched in September 2016.

As you can find written on their Facebook page, "a European Citizens' Initiative (ECI) has to be backed by at least one million EU citizens, coming from at least 7 out of the 28 member states. In addition to this, a minimum number of signatories is required in each of those 7 member states!". You can see the number of signatures they need to reach in each country in the picture below (click to enlarge).

12717872 1157199127631720 6001436302516172737 nThis is why the platform asked organisations to support them spreading the message of the petition among countries of the European Union. Today People4Soil is backed up by more than 300 international, regional, national and local organisations.

They are also seeking for volunteers to become Ambassadors of the campaign and promote the initiative. "Are you a professional blogger, a social media expert or simply an active web user? Nature needs your help: become a People4Soil Ambassador!

Few people know that soil is one of the most important resources of Europe, as it is closely connected to human well-being and environmental sustainability. Without protecting the soil, it will be impossible to ensure food security, halt the loss of biodiversity, transition to toxic-free agriculture, mitigate global warming and adapt to climate change!"[1]

You can join the campaign by becoming an Ambassador of the People4Soil initiative. You will find more information here and can fill the form to get involved!


Images from People4Soil Facebook page.