Successfully completed Training Course “Be(e) the change”

1 TC bee the change N7 days, 32 participants, 14 partner organisations, 13 countries, 25 sessions, 2 trainers, 1 ecological centre, numerous new friendships and opportunities for future cooperation. These are but a few words and numbers, with which we can describe "Be(e) the change" - a training course organised by YEE.

Participants from across Europe gathered in the end of August in Prague, Czech Republic. This training course was an opportunity for them to share their experiences in campaigning and to improve their skills in organising future environmental educational campaigns. All this in the beautiful surroundings of the ecological centre Toulcův Dvůr.

The idea for this training course came from YEE's campaign "The Right to be(e)". The campaign, which has been ongoing for four years now, aims to raise awareness on problems bee populations worldwide are facing nowadays. In addition, it strives to encourage people to organise small actions which will, hopefully, improve the wellbeing of bees.2 TC bee the change N

The training course itself was full of diverse activities. Team buildings, lectures, working in groups and individually. Sessions ranged from fundraising, youth motivation, identifying needs, to time management, activity planning, transfer of knowledge - everything that is needed for a successful campaign. In addition to all campaign examples of trainers we also had the opportunity to explore the "Hate Free Culture" campaign presented by Jaroslav Valuch in his campaign strategy session.

Intensive daily sessions were followed by relaxed evenings with bonfires, intercultural exchanges, NGO presentations and documentary screenings. The training course saw its end in reflections of the past week, wishes for the near future and a farewell event.

We took a peek at the past and present, but what about the future? The knowledge and ideas developed throughout the training course will see the light of day in a publication and other promo materials. Participants have also been working on their campaign ideas during the training course. Local activities in their communities to help bees will also be planned for the future.


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