World Animal Day

Every year, 4 October marks World Animal Day. This celebration began in 1925 and proposal to make this day universal was accepted in 1931. The idea about World Animal Day belonged to Heinrich Zimmermann, who organised the first event on 24 March in 1925 in Berlin.

Mission of the celebration is “to raise status of animals in order to improve welfare standards”. To bring the idea into life, organisers try to encourage animal welfare organisations, community groups, youth and children's clubs, business and individuals to arrange events in celebration of the day.

For instance, the official website of World Animal Day gives these suggestions:

  • open days at animal shelters and pet adoption events;
  • school events to educate the younger generation, for example: animal-related competitions, concerts and film shows;
  • workshops to educate the owners of working animals;
  • spay and neuter marathons and veterinary treatment camps;
  • rabies prevention awareness and vaccination;
  • radio and TV interviews to raise awareness about animal issues and World Animal Day and its mission.

Through increased awareness and concerns about animal's well-being, organisers and participants want to create opportunities make this world a fair place for all creatures. And, as organisers mention, awareness increases from year to year. There are other days linked to animals such as: World Day of Laboratory Animals on 24 April and World Wildlife Day on 3 March, and these are important too.

Besides organising some events, you can make your pledge to animals – a promise to the animals for the next year, to make contribution, which is feasible for you.

For more information check official website of World Animal Day.