International Mountain Day

To create awareness on the role mountains play in our lives the United Nations made 11th of December the International Mountain Day.

Mountains cover almost a quarter of Earth’s surface, host more than half of all global biosphere reserves and provide 80 percent of our freshwater. They are an important source of raw materials, play a key role in providing renewable energy and are a place where tourism takes place. High peaks and steep slopes wake awe, admiration and inspiration in human minds.

720 million people, which is roughly 13 percent of the world’s population, call mountains their home. Most of these people live in developing countries and below the poverty line. In addition, one third faces the threat of food insecurity.

By living in harsh mountain conditions, people have developed specific mountain cultures. This culture defines how people live and, most importantly, what their relationship towards the environment is like. This year’s celebrations will so revolve around the diversity and importance of mountain cultures.