Physical Board Meeting December 2016

In the beginning of December the newly elected YEE Board and YEE Secretariat met for the second Physical Board Meeting (PBM). The meeting took place at the eco-center Toulcův Dvůr in Prague between the 3rd and 6th December. The purpose of the meeting, as many times before, was to update each other on topics related to YEE, set course for future work and strengthen the bonds between the Board and office.

It all started with an energiser, the human knot, on a fresh Saturday morning in the courtyard of Toulcův Dvůr. After untangling ourselves, we moved indoors for the official opening of the meeting. We first had a look at the meeting’s agenda and selected minute-takers and timekeepers of the meeting. We moved to the updates from the Board and office and gathering of opinions on the vision of YEE. Before going to lunch the first Board member, Treasurer, facilitated session focused on finances of YEE. The latter was followed by a discussion on the financial future and sustainability of YEE. We finished the day with a teambuilding activity - a training on communication with Carmine Rodi.

The second day of the meeting revolved around Board members and office presentations. Sessions shed light on the current situation of YEE, the work of Board members and the office. Moreover, a lot of initiatives ideas arose during these sessions, from promo posters, new policies, funding opportunities to brand guides and the website and newsletter update, to name just a few. In a later activity working groups, that will work on these ideas in coming months, were formed. Another highlight of the day was the discussion on YEE’s 2017 Annual Meeting. To follow the spirit of the previous day, we had a teambuilding cook-out in the evening.

At first glance it may seem that Monday was more relaxed compared to previous two days. It was, however, no less hard-working and fruitful. In the morning we set out for a short hike to a nearby protected park and were, after 3 hours, quite happy to return to the office, as it was rather fresh outside. Different working groups, set up in the previous day, brainstormed on their topics, set up time frames and drafted tasks throughout the day. After the working day was over, we went to Prague centre, where we reflected on and discussed on the previous days in a relaxed atmosphere.

In the morning of the last day, working groups worked on a couple more ideas. Presentations of working groups results and the creation of action plans for their future work followed. We wrapped the event up by evaluating the meeting and sharing our impressions of it.  

To sum it up, although most Board members are in their first mandate, the meeting went well and was very productive. In addition, PBM participants managed to address several topics connected to YEEs recognition and planned how to work on them in the near future.

Check out our photogallery for highlights!