YEE organises documentary screening in Prague

The last Friday of January was in the spirit of climate change - YEE organised an event at art space Muddum in Prague as part of our Change Climate Change Campaign.

The event was opened with vegetarian snacks and a swap party, where people had the opportunity to exchange things between each other - leave what they do not need anymore or get some additions to their closets. Both vegetarian diet and swapping are gaining on popularity and are definitely a good way to reduce consumption and our impact on this world.

After the swap and snacks, we moved on to the main part of the event - the screening of Disruption: Climate. Change. The documentary depicts the events happening before the People’s Climate March, one of the greatest movements addressing climate change. We chose this documentary to inspire people to get active and to contribute even more to solving the climate change issue.

The screening was followed by a, sometimes fiery, debate. The latter was a perfect opportunity to share opinions, reflect on what we just saw and get better understanding on the topic. Although participants disagreed in many things, we all agreed on one thing - climate change is here, but we can still do something about it.

Feel inspired? Why not organise an event yourself? Follow this link for action ideas.

You can also check pictures from the event.

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