Physical Board Meeting March 2017

Three months went fast and in the middle of March, from 13th to 17th, YEE’s Board and Office met again for the third Physical Board meeting. This time we had it outside of Prague, in the small Czech town of Horažďovice. For 5 days Board and Office were hosted in the nice and cozy eco-center PROUD.  

On the first day, to set positive and productive mood for the next work days, we had several energizers and team building games.

The whole next day was spent with updates from the Board Officers and Secretariat. The team shared the latest news about external relations and projects of YEE, discussed membership issues, check the financial report from 2016, discussed the donation strategy and brainstormed about possible ways of promoting YEE through different channels.

The next day was busy with preparations for the Annual Meeting, which will take place in July 2017. The Office and Board reviewed the program for the meeting and started planning the sessions. Despite of the busy programme, we managed to take a short hike in the woods near the village. Thanks to the nice weather and beautiful nature the team came back refreshed and ready to continue the work.

We proceeded the meeting with the updates from the working groups. Leaders of each work group presented the results so far, collected feedback from others, set new deadlines and divided tasks to finish work on time.

The day finished with an exciting open space: workshops from those who wanted to share their knowledge with the team. We started with the workshop about different techniques of facilitation and practised on the examples of the sessions for the Annual meeting. The open space continued with stakeholders mapping - technique, which can help identify your target group. Right after we had a small summary from the study session “Exploring gender equality in environmental projects”, that was organised by YEE and the Youth Department of Council of Europe and held in Strasbourg from 5th to 12th of March. In the last workshop we learned some tips on how to be productive at work.

The last day of the meeting was dedicated to the closing and evaluation. The Board and Office set some rules for the future communication, shared their impressions from the meeting and discussed what could be improved. Overall everybody was satisfied with the results of the meeting, pointed out that it was productive and interesting. Board and Office are looking forward to their next meeting in July.


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