EVS project in YEE 2017 - approved

Good news for YEE office! The application for the EVS grant of the Erasmus+ programme was approved which means that we will welcome new volunteers in September! You can read more about the EVS project in YEE here.

We are happy to welcome Cristian from Italy and Coline from France to YEE family! Read more about our new volunteers below.



Coline Malot

"My name is Coline, and I am from the Burgundy region in France, although I am currently studying in Paris.
I applied for a volunteering with YEE because, after having studied for the past 5 years, I wanted to take a step back and to explore a different way of living, whilst getting closer to nature which I have missed a lot since I have moved to Paris. For me, being a part of this project is a way to do something on a human scale. Being respectful towards the environment is something I have grown up with, and I am still pursuing my personal reflection about how to live our lives in accordance with what surrounds us. Two years ago, I spent one year in the Czech Republic, and I fell in love with this country, its language, and its rich and vibrant culture. That is why I am very enthusiastic about this opportunity to go back and to continue my explorations. I hope to discover new people, to learn new skills and crafts, new songs, new recipes and anything new I could learn from this experience! I look forward to meeting everybody and working side by side for this exciting project!"

Cristian Riva

"Hey everybody! My name is Cristian - but you can call me Cris! - and I come from a small town near Lake Como, Italy. After finishing my Master in Philosophical Science, my interest in environmental issues, curiosity and love of travel led me to Tioman Island, Malaysia where I'm currently working as Community Center Manager. If you ask me to pick a word that represents my life best, I would definitely choose beauty. Art - especially music, literature and cinema - has occupied a relevant place in my education, while nature - from Lake Como's green mountains and luxuriant gardens to Tioman Island's wild jungles and crystal-clear water - has always excited my intellectual curiosity and aesthetic sense. 

I have decided to apply for the EVS since I deeply believe that joining the YEE team constitutes the best opportunity to grow both personally and professionally, to broaden the knowledge and understanding of nature and to increase the awareness of environmental issues. Moreover, I'm convinced that working in the framework of international cooperation is one of the most significant ways to build a sustainable society and to improve our living standards. Last but not least, as former Erasmus student in Bochum, Germany, I'm fully aware that Youth Exchange programs represent a great opportunity to travel, discover new places, new cultures and, above all, to meet inspiring people. Can't wait to meet you, YEE!"