How we’ve tried to change climate change

CCC Campaign was successfully completed and we want to share with you the results and next steps.
Do you still remember YEE Climate Campaign from 2015? We've decided to continue working on this topic as it's such an urgent issue. Change Climate Change Campaign (CCC Campaign) was initiated by YEE partners who wanted to deepen their knowledge of climate change and adaptation. They wanted to discuss and explore how to prepare our life and surroundings for the effects of climate change and how to educate people about the ways to fight climate change.

CCC Campaign was running from October 2016 to February 2017 and in this period of 5 months we ran many local actions and an online campaign. 10 organisations from 7 countries joined us. Each action was different and special and involved different groups. Our partners have organised walks in the nature, a meeting with a researcher, a movie screening, a quiz, created a video, a special board game for children, planted trees and more. Check the map to see where CCC Campaign took place. Read details about our actions and use them as inspiration for your future projects.

So what's next? We want to keep the YEE Climate Campaign Facebook page active and make it even more full of interesting articles about climate change. If you're still not connected, join our page and share with us information about your projects and interesting articles.