Title: A farewell to…?

Jim said: This is the end, beautiful friend.
Kurt said: This isn't the end, you know, nothing ever is, nothing ever will be - not even Judgment Day.

What’s all this (nonsense?) about, you might ask. As it happens, a year ago on this day I was packing my bags in Slovenia, preparing to leave for Prague. Now, today, I’m sitting behind the computer, writing my last blog (swansong?), wrapping up my EVS.

I’ll keep it short and simple - it was an interesting year. Full of unexpected situations, surprises, small victories and defeats, great (frightening?) revelations and, most of all, changes. I was a beekeeper, a farmhand, the devil, somebody’s wife, a facilitator, participant and a colleague. I was a volunteer.

Apart from new and improved competences (thank you E+ for introducing this word into my life) there’s a bunch of other things I will take home (wherever that is) with me. Memories. Memories of the funeral of Jan Palach, reading books on trams, buses and the metro, long walks across Prague, vietnamese coffee, writing, Jupiter, all the smiles and laughter.

This is no goodbye letter but a thank you note. So - thank you Mercedes, Natalia, Roxana, Diana, Gosia, Amelys and Knedlik.

Written by: Aljaž Malek