Introducing our new intern Oguzhan

Hi to everyone,

I am Oguz from Turkey, the new intern of YEE. Now I am a senior student in the department of economics and will be graduating after the summer. Because of my father’s job (he was a colonel) we were moving a lot in Turkey but finally settled in Ankara.

In the last two and half years, my life and the things what I do have been changing in a different way. Being a participant in some youth exchanges, doing an internship abroad, working and earning my own money, helped me to discover myself and to realize what I am living for in this life. These experiences were full of people, memories, conversations and of course understanding how amazing cultural diversity is.

After all these things, I wanted to find an opportunity to become more creative and productive in a professional way. The most meaningful environmental action I was involved in was during my previous internship where I took part in some costal cleaning actions in the south of Italy. It brought me a different point of view about environmental issues and I started to ask a question to myself. Why don’t I get more involved and take some concrete steps in environmental protection?

So I believe that YEE is the place where I can take those steps in a right way and to be able to change my mentality as they have been a leading organization in this field and work professionally.

It’s been 3 days and the team helps me a lot. I am strongly motivated to do something useful! :)