Overview of the training course "International Environmental Action Days"

In the beginning of July Luonto-Liitto, with support of YEE, organised the training course “International Environmental Action Days”. The training course took place in wonderful natural protected area Uutela in the beautiful house Meriharju in Helsinki, Finland.

For one week, from 8 to 14 July 2017, young people from different countries gathered together to train their skills in campaigning. Organisers prepared full and interesting programme: every day participants had a chance to meet with experts of different fields, strengthen new skills during practical workshops, try their creativity while making videos and as the culmination of the week, to work out the concept of the campaign on the topic they are concerned about.  

Invited experts were presenting their experience in strategic planning, communication of campaigns, lobbying, fundraising and on how to stay motivated. Thanks to these presentations participants learned tools needed for successful promotion of campaigns in social media, learned interesting examples of promotion and best practices. During the session about strategic planning the participants learned about main steps of a campaign. The session about lobbying gave a chance to learn more about how lobbyists work, principles of behavior and tips on how to achieve the goal. In the end of the training course the participants had a session about motivation and how to stay energized and enthusiastic throughout the implementation of the campaign. The participants could share their ideas and learn from each other.

The theoretical information has been supported by practical exercises. The participants could practise the preparation of the strategy of their future campaign, think about potential funding sources, practise in debating and defending their interests, targeting groups and planning the promotional strategy.

At the end of the training course groups presented their campaign ideas which they developed using their new skills and knowledge. The topics were: forest protection, water protection, zero food waste, sustainable means of transportation in cities, energy efficiency. Participants also worked on promotional videos for their campaigns. All groups created funny and interesting stories in different genres from comedy to horror. Thus, the last night of the training course was a movie night!

But, it was not only about work, of course. During that week we all enjoyed beautiful nature, traditional Finnish sauna and the company of each other. You can read more about the project here.