Duties of Member Organisations Officers

according to the new Board Member Policy:
  • Keeping up contact with the Member Organisations,
  • informing Member Organisations and their delegates about their opportunities, responsibilities and rights in YEE by providing them with the corresponding excerpts from the Statutes, Rules of Procedure and Policies,
  • dealing with and coordinating the application, admission, review and dismissal of memberships by collecting the required documents and information, revising the fulfillment of the membership criteria,
  • formulating reports on the application, admission, review and dismissal of membership to be sent to the Executive Board and to the Member Organisations,
  • searching actively for and initiate contact with potential Member Organisations, keeping the database of possible new Member Organisations updated,
  • seeking to involve current and potential member organisations in YEE activities e.g. by collecting the information on MOs' envisioned activities throughout the year,
  • updating the Member Organisation database in collaboration with the Secretariat (composition and basic information on the organisations: contact details and positions of the board, as well as the age composition of members in general),
  • initiating contacts among the Member Organisations and help to strengthen the cooperation among member organisations and within YEE by collecting information about Member Organisations' actvities and linking those of common interest ,
  • acting as mediator between the Members Organisations.