Duties of Project Officer

according to the new Board Member Policy:
  • Disposing of the working plans for all project that form part of the working plan and ensure that the responsible working groups adhere to the deadlines set there,
  • formulating a report on the evolution and implementation of the projects and present it monthly to the Board Members and the Secretariat and at least every third month to the Member Organisations,
  • contributing to the YEE calendar providing the Chairperson with the dates when the projects will take place,
  • collecting the needed information about projects for the Annual Report from the Project Leaders,
  • assisting working groups in project management,
  • collecting ideas for and coordinating the implementation of the "YEE Day" in the Member Organizations,
  • cooperating closely with the Member Organisation Officer in linking MOs with similar fields of work and encourage them to create projects together,
  • controlling that YEE calls are published on the Member Organisations' web page and collect Member Organisation delegates' feedback.