Duties of Chairperson

according to the new Board Member Policy:
  • Representation of the Federation in its dealings with third parties, signing the contracts of the employees of the Secretariat (next to Secretary General),
  • coordination of the work of the Executive Board (convening the Board Meeting(s), preparing and forwarding draft agendas to the Board Members and the Member Organizations, submitting the amended version of the agenda two weeks before the start of the meeting), coordination of the work of the Secretariat,
  • coordination of YEE memberships (deal with/coordinate the application, admission, review, dismissal of membership),
  • during the Annual Meeting presenting a written report concerning his/her work, presenting membership applications and the Executive Board's reports on the applying organizations to the Federation, communicating any objection regarding membership applications before voting on the admission of new member organizations takes place, communicating notices of withdrawal from member organizations,
  • maintaining an overview of all ongoing matters concerning YEE (Board and Secretariat, implementation of the working plan and the strategies, activities, member organisations, ...) and reporting on them based on the information provided by other Board Members to the MOs at least every third month,
  • creating a calendar including all YEE activities and internal deadlines (e.g. before the Annual Meeting), as well as relevant external events and funding deadlines (with the principle help of the Project Leaders, the External Relations Officer, the Treasurer and the Secretariat),
  • coordinating and controling the implementation of the YEE working plan as well as of the YEE short and long term strategies approved by the General Assembly at the Annual Meeting,
  • proof-reading and correcting the edited version of the minutes" taken during the Board and Annual Meetings before sending them to all Member Organisations and publishing them on the website,
  • coordinating the creation of the Annual Report", collecting the corresponding parts from the Project Leaders, the Board Members and the Secretariat.