Duties of Treasurer

according to the new Board Member Policy:
  • Having an overview of the financial situation of the federation,
  • reviewing financial part of applications before sending them,
  • being, next to the Secretary General, the principle contact person for funders,
  • maintaining the overview over YEE's financial situation by reviewing the YEE account (state of the account, transactions, cash flow) and, considering the budget approved by the General Assembly at the Annual Meeting, formulate reports on it to be sent to the Executive Board monthly and to Member Organisations every third month,
  • being aware of information sessions organized by funders and shall see that YEE is represented in them by advising Project Leaders, Board Members and the Secretariat when the events take place in their home countries and by contributing with this information to the YEE calendar,
  • keeping the document "funding deadlines" updated and contribute with its content to the YEE calendar,
  • collecting information from Member Organisation delegates about the National Priorities of the National Agengy of the Youth in Action Programme in Member Organisations' countries,
  • reviewing funding alerts and "assisting each working group with regard to financial issues", especially by pointing out specific and suitable grant alerts to each Project Leader,
  • supporting the Secretary General in finding new ways of fundraising,
  • cooperating closely with the Secretary General in the creation of the budget and the financial part of the Annual Report by collecting relevant information from the Member Organisations, the Project Leaders and the Board Members and present both to the Executive Board and at the Annual Meeting for approval
  • requesting letters from the Member Organisations' treasurers stating the financial situation of the Member Organisations, relate the corresponding membership fee
  • keeping the green grants guidebook updated and disseminating it.