Duties of External Relations Officer

according to the new Board Member Policy:

  • Being the principle contact person for organisations YEE is a member of and other external organisations and individuals,
  • helping to strengthen the participation and support representation of YEE in organisations YEE is a member of by being aware of relevant external events, by participating him/herself and/or advising the Board Members, the Secretariat and the Member Organisation delegates especially when the events take place in their home countries and by contributing with this information to the YEE calendar,
  • coordinating a YEE pool of representatives by providing the interested individuals with information and guidelines relevant for the representation of YEE,
  • reporting him/herself and ensuring that YEE representatives report on external activities they participated in,
  • fostering the cooperation between YEE and other external organisations by linking activities of common interest,
  • acting as mediator between YEE and external organisations.