Campaign 2016

photo beeWhen: April-May 2016
Who: everyone interested
Where: all over Europe
What: different activities


Are you interested in the importance of bees? One of YEE's grassroots campaign, "The Right to Be(e)", aims to support the survival of bees. It was created in 2012 to attract more attention to the disappearance and well-being of bees in Europe. 

In spring 2016, we planned a competition throughout Europe, encouraging people to organise actions that help the bees in urban areas. We invited all member organisations and YEE friends to take part in our campaign within their communities.

The activities took place in April and May 2016. We collected materials from all teams, promoted them within the YEE network and included them in this year's bee competition for best activity to help the bees.  You can find below the activities that participants organised within the campaign, as well as other useful materials for inspiration. 

Keep buzzing!


Activities guidelines 2016

"The Right to Be(e)" competition 2016

How to join the campaign - step-by-step guide

Check out The Right to Be(e) poster 2016!