Tree Day at Toulcuv Dvur

StromaDen1Maybe you all know by now that being an EVS volunteer in YEE means also being involved in the ecological center Toulcuv Dvur's local activities, every once in awhile.

Case in point, on 20th October, me and Judit participated in the Dvur's celebration of Tree Day, or "Den Stromu" in Czech. The event started in the morning, when the people from the organisation "Botic", volunteers from a private IT company based in Prague, and us as YEE's EVS volunteers, all took our respective tables. The topic of all of the tables was tree and there was also an exhibition regarding the theme. Big and small - children and adults – all had the opportunity not only to observe the work of carvers, but to engage in handicraft workshops as well.

Me and Judit were designated the table where children were supposed to make a "Buzzy wood", or in other words, an African native musical instrument made out of wood. Thus, it was very good to interact with the local community, while at the same time helping the children to do their work and use their creativity. This was also an opportunity for me to practice my poor Czech language and even to learn some new words, like for example that a hole is called "dira".StromaDen2

After taking part in several of "Botic"'s local activities, I am very glad that this is a part of my EVS and I'm looking forward to the next big event that is happening in December – the Toulcuv Dvur Christmas celebration. Therefore, stay tuned.


EVS Volunteer