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Wolf drawing competition for children. Helsinki, Finland 22.1 – 3.2.2018

What images do wolves bring up in children nowadays?

Most people in Finland and Europe still associate wolves with the fictional “Big Bad Wolf” character of folkloric and fairy tales. Many religions equate wolves with evil and greed, but in reality wolves are fascinating and intelligent animals that play an vital role in the ecosystems.

As a nation-wide nature and environment conservation organisation for children and the youth working to reduce unnecessary fear and hatred of wolves, Luonto-Liiton susiryhmä / The Wolf Action Group organised a wolf drawing competition for children on three age categories: under 6 years old, 6-9 years old and 10-12 years old.

Association Argonauta has published the SOS e-booklet that contains 6 educational workshops about marine and environmental issues. The E-booklet is "Ready to Use" and is intended for everyone working with young people and who want to promote the protection of the sea and connection with nature. The topics that promotes are energy, sharks, invasive species, beach pollution, marine policy and ship garbage, how plastic affect our ecological and daily life and ways to change our relationship to the marine environment. The workshops can serve as a generator of ideas, can be customized or used in the original form, and were created by the collaboration of 29 environmental enthusiasts at the Training Course Save Our Seas (SOS) held in Murter at the beginning of September 2017.

The International volunteer day has been celebrated worldwide on December 5, so as here in Serbia within Young Researchers of Serbia – Voluntary Service of Serbia. On this occasion and the 8th anniversary of the national program "Youth are law" supported by the Ministry of youth and sport we organised a ceremony in a small town in Serbia - Sremski Karlovci. Thanks to this program only this year we have organised 35 volunteer workcamps in Serbia.

One month after the opening of our education center “ZABEC”, we may confidently say that it’s been a total success! We continuously follow our mission to provide a high quality time for the kids during which they learn many important facts about the nature and society while having a lots of fun. Up until now we’ve held educational sessions about reptiles, their main characteristics and other interesting information, mountains – how are they formed, height, animals and plants that live in mountains, than drawing sessions, museums visits and of course we regularly make physical exercises – corrective gymnastics, coordination and balance exercises, etc.

Most of Yerevan’s thirty or so playgrounds are unsafe for children. That’s the conclusion reached by an investigative team from the “Public Awareness and Monitoring Center” NGO. The NGO president Mari Chakryan started the initiative “Safe playgrounds for your kids and mine” approved under EU Eastern Partnership Civil Society Facility.

"The Consequences of Global Climate Change" discussion

“Active Young Citizens Initiative“ NGO has launched a series of meetings focused on the discussion of environmental issues with the support of the Youth Council adjacent to Yerevan Mayor.

On October 19, the young people and the experts of the sphere concerned with the environmental issues gathered for the discussion of one of the important issues: "The Consequences of Global Climate Change".

Since the turn of the century the wolf is back in Germany. Surveys revealed that the majority of the German population is wolf friendly. Nonetheless, as the number of wolves increases, so does the number of the potential conflicts.

Wolves and humans in Germany, is it really a love story?

Kids from the third grade of the school in Murter joined the art contest OZONE GUARDIANS, which was announced by the Croatian Ministry of Environmental Protection and Energy.

Although at the beginning of the lesson, kids had no idea what the ozone might be, after cartoon, stories and games they all could hardly wait to be a little OZONE GUARDIAN. The Argonauta's team explained to them what the ozone molecules are, what is ozone layer, and where it is located, who destroys it, and why it serves.

Umbrella is launching informational online and offline campaign "Don’t burn the leaf!"

Umbrella is a youth organisation in Georgia, one of our priorities is to promote environmental education and awareness regarding various ecological and environmental issues among the youth.

In the scope of our goal we started a project aiming to raise awareness about the negative impact of burning the leaves in Georgia. Only a small part of our society knows that burning leaves harms not only the soil and air but also causes various dangerous diseases like asthma, bronchial diseases, cancer etc.

For several years in EDEN centre we had the tradition to join common initiatives or to start environmental actions that take place during the European Mobility Week (16-22 September 2017).
This action was held under the theme "A clean, shared and intelligent mobility" followed by the slogan "Sharing gets you further".

We have been attracted from this theme, which goes in the same direction and with the principles that EDEN pursues in its activities. Therefore, we decided to promote a peaceful march. In collaboration with other environmental organisations, we decided to focus on citizens of Tirana who want to walk and encourage others to walk. Participants had the possibility to understand the importance of walking for their health and how this affects the protection of the environment.

We are proud to announce that our new educative center “ZABEC” officially start its work on 1st of November this year!

“ZABEC” is the first and only educative center for children in Macedonia that aims to promote the subjects of ecology and environmental protection. Through these themes the kids are expected to learn about many other real and modern topics and situations in which the kids will be main actors. This should result in positive change at any given matter from the normal everyday life.

The NGO "Public Awareness and Monitoring Center", highlighting the implementation of the pillars of the Aarhus Convention in Armenia, has launched a project entitled "Raising Awareness on Implementation of Aarhus Convention in Armenia". The implementation of the project became possible thanks to the NGO "A. D. Sakharov Armenian Human Rights Centre".

Within the framework of the project, information on the 6th meeting of the Parties to the Aarhus Convention held in Budva, Montenegro in September, on the decisions adopted at the third meeting of the Pollutant Release and Transfer Registers (PRTR) and on the processes aimed to apply the Convention in Armenia are periodically published in Aarhus website (