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1EcoCenter Zapovedniks (ECZ) has been raising awareness in the field of nature conservation for 17 years. This season we are proud to present you 5 international environmental workcamps that are all based on the territories of wildlife sanctuaries and nature parks. Discover magnificent Russian nature & hospitality in various parts of the grand Russia!


gutta8Earth Hour – international action which at the end of March unites millions of people for saving our Planet. The action purpose is to draw attention of all world community to the problem of wasteful use of resources and global climate change, to take the first step on reduction of "the ecological trace".
In the Republic of Moldova the global international action "Earth Hour" is carried out since 2008 under the auspices of the Ministry of environment of the Republic of Moldova, public organizations Salva Eco and RCCY Gutta-Club, and also the Gas Natural Fenosa in Moldova enterprise.
The RCCY Gutta-Club main target groups are children and the youth, so forms and methods have to be attractive to youth generation.

india 2008Young Researchers of Serbia and YEE invite you to join World Tanabata Action (WTA) 2013!
It is global action to prevent climate change by planting trees and writing "my action" on Tanzaku papers. The aim of this action is to decrease green gas emission and raise awareness for climate change among people. So far 822,831 trees were planted and 15,882 Tanzaku papers were collected which were exhibited at the G8 Summit, UNESCO and its international conferences all over the world.

logoDuring the campaign "Oplaneti se! Recycle!" (Planet yourself (up)) on the 31st of January an ecofectival was held in Serbia in Novi Sad, after similar events in Belgrade and Nis. This campaign was implemented throughout the year by local NGOs in primary and high schools of 12 towns in Serbia. Festival visitors were able to see creative corner with objects made from waste, a maze with scenes of waste treatment in Serbia, recycling cube of scrap metal, objects of recycled metal and a large number of items from recycled waste.

2013 international year of water cooperation smallA new year has arrived and brought with it a big challenge to everyone: cooperate for the water!
Such a big issue like this could not be ignored by the Ecoclubes network in Portugal, so we took the challenge and decided to focus our main actions on this topic during the following months. Not that we haven't been giving some of our atention to this so important resource on our past initiatives, by the contrary, many of the Ecoclubes work on the subject of water and rivers protection since the begining and one of the most important of our national initiatives every year is closely related to it.

243 TC MyX fullMyXperience is the title of a training course on experiential education which took place in EVC Švýcarna in South Moravia region of Czech Republic. It was organised by Hnutí Brontosaurus through Youth in Action programme of EU. From 13th to 21st October 2012 28 participants together with 9 leaders and 3 experts from 8 countries, such as Armenia, Belarus, Czech republic, France, Georgia, Estonia, Slovakia and Ukrajine started a mosaic of learning new metods of experiential eduction.

Dear Friends, we are happy to announce that Mine Vaganti European Youth Group is in the Grundtvig database for hosting Grundtvig assistant. For those who might be interested in spending half a year in Sardinia working with us, please have a look to our profile and contact us to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

In 2011, in the frame of "International Year of Forests" declared by UN, many individuals, governmental and non-governmental organizations (including Young Biologists Association NGO) implemented multiple celebrations and actions for sustainable forest management, related environmental education, aiming to raise public awareness about forests and importance of their conservation. Young Biologists Association NGO (YBA) as a continuation of their activities in 2012 realized an environmental campaign "Explore Armenian Forests" directed to raise environmental awareness of young people about fauna and flora of Armenian forests and their conservation needs.

Photo jars 1Since 2004 EDEN center celebrates the Seasons'' fests with all its partner organizations inside and outside the boarders sending a unique message for environment protection on a handmade original postcard realized with reused materials. As a tradition, also this year we want to greet again in our way using instead of postcards the "postjars"!
Let us explain our idea!
Do you use a lot of products in glass containers? What do you do with containers when these products are consumed? Please don't throw them away, be smart and sensitive to reuse them for other products and scopes and if you want them unique and original, give freedom to your imagination and paint them!

armenia2Khazer Ecological and Cultural NGO with the financial support of GEF SGP/WWF Armenia is implementing the "Restoration of the Waterland Ecosystems in the old riverbad of Akhuryan River upper stream" starting from July of 2012. The lake Arpi is located in North-Western part of Armenia: Ashotsk plateau. In 1950 in Akhuryan inflow was build a dam and it became a lake-reservoir, which as a result impaired the water quality of the river.
Althogh the old flow of Akhuryan river was destroyed the rich biodiversity typical for this area is under danger because Arpi Lake became a reservoir and the water from the Akhuryan River flew to the chanel. There are types which are in danger of disappearance such as Candok (Nuphar lutea (L.) Smith), Eurasian otter (Lutra lutra) Common crane (Grus grus). This biodiversity and its' survival depend mainly on the hydrological regime, and in the case of its violation the ecological balance of ecosystem is violated as well.

rivers5People who live in Latvia or decide to visit this amazing country still have an opportunity to see the wild nature where the influence of humans' activities is almost unnoticeable. There are many rivers in Latvia, which makes landscapes of country so beautiful and is a reason why there are so many different kinds of plants and species of living beings. But places where everyone can meet the pure nature are getting less and less... The fact that our landscapes have been changing so radically encouraged a group of young people from association "BALTA DABA" to explore why it is happening and what kind of influence on nature it has.
One of the annual events organized by association "BALTA DABA" is a boating tour. This is actually one of the reasons why people from association started to pay more attention on things which endangers health and beauty of rivers of Latvia.

frontend.acbbtionsI would like to tell you something about Natuur 2000's bat conservation project "Fort Oelegem" at the village of Oelegem, 25 km East of Antwerpen (Flanders, Belgium).
Fort Oelegem is a concrete built fortress from the early 1900's. At that moment, military and political people in Europe were starting up the preparation of another new big war: World War I. Especially in France they were very eager to take revenge over the 1870 defeat of Napoleon III against the new German state, founded that same year. In little Belgium the government feared to become sandwiched between the country's two neighbouring powers of France and Germany, so it was decided to realise a "national refuge" for army and government in the harbour town of Antwerpen, the city to be surrounded by a circle of 33 fortresses and one of them being Fort Oelegem.