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frontend.acbbtionsI would like to tell you something about Natuur 2000's bat conservation project "Fort Oelegem" at the village of Oelegem, 25 km East of Antwerpen (Flanders, Belgium).
Fort Oelegem is a concrete built fortress from the early 1900's. At that moment, military and political people in Europe were starting up the preparation of another new big war: World War I. Especially in France they were very eager to take revenge over the 1870 defeat of Napoleon III against the new German state, founded that same year. In little Belgium the government feared to become sandwiched between the country's two neighbouring powers of France and Germany, so it was decided to realise a "national refuge" for army and government in the harbour town of Antwerpen, the city to be surrounded by a circle of 33 fortresses and one of them being Fort Oelegem.

In early November, the national spokespersons for the Ecological Volunteer Service (FÖJ) met at the national delegates conference in Hanover.