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June is a month of rivers. This June we celebrated the Danube and Sava River Days, two of the most important rivers in Europe, especially in the Balkans. Together with local and international partners we organised manifestations along the rivers.

Young activists of Young Researchers of Serbia initiated local action “Green Terrace for better Climate”. We had the idea to green up our urban city a little bit and enrich living space of the tenants in one building of a brand new neighborhood in Belgrade.

Together with students of Landscape Architecture faculty, local flower farmers who donated diverse plants and tenants who bought lovely flowerpots, we have planted over 100 plants.

News from volunteers of Argonauta, Murter Island, Croatia. Massimiliano Arosio, current volunteer in Argonauta, says:

“My association is currently doing a project called Eco - Patrols. Participants of our project are children from 12 to 14 years old from the local villages. We have workshops on environment related topics: ecology, bio protection and recycling. We have different workshops every Saturday in the morning.

Eco Logic is a non-profit organisation that is dedicated to protection and conservation of the environment, promotion of modern ecological practices, as well as monitoring and promoting the principle of sustainable development. Our organisation encourages and supports positive changes in the environment in forms of: promotion of the ecology as science, promotion of the concept of cleaner production, protection and conservation of the environment, distribution of environmental knowledge and upgrade of ecological education, promotion of the principle of sustainable development, creating new “green” jobs, trainings and involvement of all interested citizens in projects in the area of ecology and environmental protection and management.

As we primarily work for the kids, in May this year we organised the fourth “Velo rodeo” in Kochani, the city located in the East part of Republic of Macedonia.

This spring AYA Volunteer joined a campaign “The Right to Be(e)”, organised by YEE – Youth and Environment Europe - and supported by numerous NGOs and partner organisations worldwide. AYA Volunteer team was guided by a “BE(E) THE CHANGE - Guide on Campaigning“ – a publication, which was created after a training course “Be(e) the change” in Prague. Apart from useful information, AYA team got a package of bee friendly seeds for a flower planting.

A small planting action was held by AYA team in frames of preparation training for new volunteers, traditionally organised at the beginning of international workcamps season. The venue, where the activity was held, perfectly suited “The Right to Be(e)” campaign’s philosophy – Ecocenter of Bitsovskiy park, in the South of Moscow. It was agreed to split the activity into 2 parts – informative and practical.

EDEN center has joined the training course "Be(e) the change", which was organised by YEE between 24-30 August 2016 in Prague, Czech Republic.

The training course was of interest of EDEN not only for the knowledge that was gained but especially for the topic and for raising awareness of the topic among the general public on a national level as well. The participants of this training were encouraged to do a follow-up, some local activities, in their own countries for bees. YEE provided the participants with colorful seeds for flowers to be planted that will grow up and that would be an added help for the bees survival.

On 11th April RC "Gutta-Club" planted the forest! Our activists from lyceums, colleges and universities from Chisinau gathered together after the classes to contribute to the environment, and, therefore, to the inhabitants of the city, not in words, but in deeds.

The campaign "Sadim Oxigen" (we plant oxygen) was organized by "AVI-Moldova" JSC with the support of "Kaufland" company and the promotion of several sectors of Chisinau.  

Young people all across Ireland and Northern Ireland presented their environmental action projects to judges at ECO-UNESCO’s Young Environmentalist Awards ECO-Dens. Over 70 groups took part in the regional ECO-Dens - the semi-final of the Young Environmentalist Awards 2017 competition- that took place in each Province of Ireland between 15-30 March.

The groups had to convince a panel of expert judges, that included Elaine Nevin (ECO-UNESCO), representatives from Local County Councils, the Environmental Protection Agency, the National University of Ireland Green Campus Facilitator, and many more amazing people, that their group deserves a spot at the ECO-UNESCO Young Environmentalist Awards 2017 Final Showcase and Awards Ceremony taking place in Dublin’s Mansion House, Tuesday 23rd of May.

We are from "Freiwilliges Ökologisches Jahr (FÖJ)" in Germany, which means one voluntary gap year in an ecological way. Our association called "FÖJ-Aktiv e.V." is a member of YEE.  Me and my four colleagues represent all ecological volunteer possibilities in Germany and we also manage an online blog called There you can see many different perspectives from young people who want to participate for better ecological circumstances in Germany. Furthermore, we want to explain our democratic proceedings to inspire other people for democratic participation especially when it comes to our environment.

In an effort to raise awareness among international students, refugee and asylum seekers residing in Helsinki in particular and Finland in general, about nature and environmental issues in the country and beyond, Luonto-Liitto (The Finnish Nature League) is forming an international youth group – Nature Lovers Group to engage in this challenging but very important task. This group is an open platform for anyone between the age of 15-29, young(ish) and young-minded who is interested and would like to get involved in discussions, actions, and interactions and perform various activities related to environmental protection and nature conservation on a personal level. Nature Lovers Group is a platform for exchanging ideas, gathering different opinions and skills and implementing for productive outcomes. We also intend to carry out various activities related to environmental protection in various sectors.

The Wolf Ambassadors of the Finnish Nature League won the Biodiversity Award 2015-2016 of the IUCN National Committee of Finland. The Wolf Ambassadors were awarded on 7 February 2017 in Helsinki.

"The Wolf Ambassador work of dispelling the fear of wolves is directed at children and youngsters. The ambassadors disseminate science-based information of wolves and other large carnivores: on the ecology of large carnivores and their behaviour as part of ecosystems and their relation to human being. When visiting schools in every part of Finland, the Wolf Ambassador have reached a large number of children and youngsters.

Georgia Youth Eco Movement - SAEM organised actions in the frame of the campaign on 27-28 February 2017 in Borjomi, Samtkhe - Javakheti Area, Georgia.