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On December 10th and 11th several ecoclubistas participated in a reforestation in the the reserve Faia Brava, organised by FAPAS. The reserve has about 850 hectares exclusively for nature conservation, with actions that focus on ecological restoration, through giving value to habitats, increasing food availability for the most endangered species and forest management.

One of the factors that influence climate change is deforestation. December is the time of cutting trees, since holiday season is coming and it's time for decorating Christmas trees. After they're used once they usually end up on a dump, and in rare cases they are planted in someone's garden.
Thus, in the spirit of Christmas and New Year's Eve, we decided to offer eco-friendly alternative: up-cycling Christmas trees and decorations.

Great news from the #GREYPRIDE campaign!

Luonto-Liitto (Finland) decided to organise an art auction fundraising event in benefit of the Finnish grey wolves instead of asking people to directly donate money to us.

We thought of the possibility of connecting the many artists who want to help the environment - but who don't have either the money or time to do it - and the art lovers that would not normally support nature conservation projects.

Biodiversity – which is the basis for all goods and services nature provides to our well being keeps being degraded and lost at an unprecedented rate. According to WWF Living Planet Report (2016) animal populations have declined 58% since 1970, apart from that, we have been witnessing several critical biodiversity loss events that can compromise the livelihoods of millions: the 2015-2016 global mass coral bleaching event – the third ever recorded – may be the longest and most intense in history, impacting reefs from Hawaii to the Great Barrier Reef, and those of South East Asia and Africa (NOAA, 2016).

In order to address this, policy-makers across the globe convened at the 13th Meeting of the Conference of the Parties (COP13) to the Convention of Biological Diversity (CBD). The CBD is the main international treaty for countries to agree on global commitments to conserve biodiversity, use it sustainably and promote the fair access to benefits coming from genetic resources.

On Thursday 17th of November 2016 the "Shadow Puppets" workshop was organised in the office of EDEN Center. This workshop was presented by Andrea Caspari, a puppeteer and co-founder of Firefly Shadow Theater, living in the United States.

We were very enthusiastic to collaborate with Andrea and organize this workshop. We believed that the artistic process from creating characters – puppets -  to the final act of playing the story, is an interesting and creative tool to be used in the programs of environmental education in our organisation.
Volunteers of EDEN were invited to participate in this workshop. During the workshop the volunteers learned a little about the history of shadow puppets, learned how easy it was to make them, made some puppets and had a chance to experiment with them and tell an environmental story.

Bike Rodeo #3

The event is a part of the European Mobility Week 2016 and was implemented in cooperation with the EU InfoCentre in Skopje.
50 pupils from 7 primary schools tried their cycling skills on a track which tested their cleverness, sense of balance and control, acceleration, stopping and so on.
The teams were mixed male and female pupils, aged between 10 and 14. In total duration of ninety minutes, the participants successfully managed to complete the challenge consisted of several bicycle exercises, showed great team spirit and deservedly received gifts from Eco Logic.
Bike Rodeo is organized for the third time in a row and each time is enriched with new exercises and challenges for children. The exercises are completely conceptualized, designed and developed by a team of Eco Logic.

On 1st of August this year the Yeghvard Youth NGO with its partners started the implementation of the Project Cleen 2016 in Armenia. The project is globally about Energy Efficiency, hence the promotion of this concept is among the priorities of the project.
"The project considered to be a long term one, and now we are on the second stage. During the last year within the framework of the project we started to investigate the possibilities of the development and prospects of renewable energy here in Armenia, moreover we carried out a comprehensive monitoring in order to find out whether people living here are informed about this concept or are they informed about the benefits that they could have been reached if they installed energy efficiency systems instead of traditional ones. It is worthy to say that the results were very interesting" - speaking about the project remarks the President of the Yeghvard NGO Sirarpi Manyan.

Water, energy and waste - Argonauta, Croatia

Argonauta organisation joined the campaign “Change Climate Change” by organising an Open Quiz for children, young and adults in the town center, in Murter Island. The action took place on 12th of November. During the event, the current Eco Patrol team was involved in the community action. Eco Patrol is a youth group from the island that takes part in our sustainable workshop every Saturday in order to learn about the environment and develop diverse action to protect it within non-formal education techniques. For this occasion, they were the leaders the group of locals who wanted to participate. The tutors and organisers of activities were Sanja Tabori and Marieta Baricevic from Argonauta Association and the current EVS volunteers, Malgorzata Serwatka from Poland and Eva Lozano from Spain. 

We are an association of civic organization determined to tackle the massive problem with the waste in Macedonia. Our mission is to create sustainable solutions for the waste in our country. We were founded in 2011 and we are mostly known for the massive national clean-ups that we organize, where thousands of citizens, hundreds of civic organization and hundreds of school took part in with cleaning and education. We share the same values and perspectives with Zero Waste Europe on the issue of waste management, we support the concept of “Zero Waste”. We believe that change is possible and that through environmental empowerment of young people we can make it happen.

On the 15th  of  August, 2016 with the initiation of Armenia’s biggest youth organisation, the Federation of Youth Clubs (FYCA), launched "Impact of conflicts on the environment" youth project. More than 40 participants from 10 rural areas (Armenia, Greece, Turkey, Georgia, Spain, Austria, Ukraine, Russia, Slovakia, Romania, Belarus) took part in this project.

The aim of the project was to bring together young people living in present or former conflict zones who are concerned about the humanitarian disaster alleviation, environmental protection, and to draw their attention towork in their communities to raise awareness about international conflicts and the involvement of the young people in solving the local problems that the conflicts brings to their communities. The project became a good platform for young people from different EU and non EU countries, with the emergence of conflict in their country and submission of its overcome history.

7Arte was established on May 03, 2006 by a group of local artists in Mitrovica, Kosovo. With 10 years of experience, 7Arte plays the role of a cultural alternative center by organising multidisciplinary cultural activities such as: audio-visual workshops, music festivals, outdoor screening, street art, poetry nights, crafts fair, exchange programs and education programs, peace building and environmental actions.  
7Arte involves and encourages women to be active in many initiatives and programs; it is also an organisation with an environmental component and strives to revitalise abandoned buildings as well as change local cultural politics.

ECO-UNESCO’s Youth for Sustainable Development Peer Education Programme is continuing to engage and inspire young people to get active on environmental issues. Over 80 young people from across Dublin attend this weekly programme, getting involved in building their skills as peer educators and learning from each other on the environmental issues humanity is facing.

Young people used key environmental dates in the year to raise awareness on a number of important environmental issues. Over 50 young people were involved in celebrating World Water Day and Earth Day in March-April 2016. 24 young people attended an event in European House in Dublin to mark World Water Day 2016 on 22 March with a day event held in European House in Dublin. Earth Day was celebrated at ECO-UNESCO with a workshop designed and delivered by the Youth Leaders for Change (Y-PEPS) to raise awareness among their peers.