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Celebration of International Earth Day, 22nd of April 2016

finaledenOn 22nd of April 2016 EDEN Center celebrated the International Earth Day. EDEN developed various educational environmental activities with pupils of elementary schools in Tirana "Sabahudin Gabrani" and "Dora d'Distria" and at the Environmental Education Centre "EDEN" next to the Tirana Zoo.
Students of both schools have planted seeds of various plants. Besides learning the techniques of planting the plants and the pupils' responsibility towards them, the students also got information about which positive aspects these plants offer to the environment and community. Some variety of plants that were planted were: Laurus nobilis L, Rosmarinus Officinalis, Nerium Oleander, Jasminum multiflorum and other decorative flowers.

Argonauta2nI am READY was a youth exchange that was implemented in Murter, Croatia in the period from 14th to 23rd May 2016.
It gathered 42 participants, young unemployed people from 6 countries who were interested in development of creative skills as a door to their future employment. Youngsters from Croatia, Macedonia, Portugal, Turkey, Romania and Bulgaria joined their creative minds and took part in creative workshops about dancing - latin dances, art workshops, jewellery making workshops, photography workshops, broadened their knowledge in the area of how to create a good CV, how to write a good motivation letter, how to act on a job interview.

ayci 1City-wide community work day
On 9th of April with the initiative of Yerevan Municipality city-wide community work day and tree planting were organised. Аs a member of Yerevan youth council adjunct to Mayor, "Active young citizens initiative" NGO participated in the event.

"Eco Generation" 2nd phase, opening
On April 22, on the International Earth Day, the official opening of the second phase of "Eco Generation" project took place.
Guest speakers of the opening event were Khachik Hakobyan, the RA Deputy Minister of Nature Protection, Samvel Mertarjyan, the Deputy Secretary of the Yerevan Municipality Staff and Nvard Gevorgyan, the Armenian Tree Project benevolent foundation representative.

Grey pride eng websiteAccording to the Habitats Directive of the EU the Finnish Grey Wolf is an endangered species.

At present, the number of wolves in Finland is estimated to be less than 250, an extremely low number. Meanwhile, since August 2015 Finnish government and police authorities have approved the killing of 30% of the wolf population in an attempt to manage stocks and curb poaching.

Finland´s rural residents have a deep-rooted fear of wolves and frequently express concern for the safety of their dogs and livestock. While some people claim their children are in danger, there has not been a single reported attack by wolves on humans in Europe in the past two decades and the last reported attack in Finland was in 1891.

Greetings from Germany and FÖJ-Aktiv and all volunteers of the ecological volunteer service,

Their national action day Bundesaktionstag has a new date now. Because of another demonstration against TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) on the 23rd of April in Hanover, the organisation team looked for a new date and all engaged and interested volunteers will come together at Berlin Wittenbergplatz on the 21st of May.

Murter Eco-Patrol2YEE's Croatian member organisation Argonauta has started with new spring activities called "Murter Eco-patrol". Eco-patrol activities are a part of "Kornati – važno je o moru znati" project. The main theme of the project is education about marine environment. Eco-patrol engages 20 children age 10-14 from local primary school "Murterski škoji".

Murter Eco-patrol offers to the children an opportunity to patrol their island, record and then warn public and institutions about the environmental problems they encounter. The aim is to motivate participants to be active and pay attention to pollution on Murter Island. The activities on Saturday mornings are diverse – children explore and map illegal trash dumps on the island, take part in beach cleaning activities, follow the state of the marine environment, take part in treasure hunts, make a sea herbarium and get a chance to join scientists in tracking dolphins and sea turtles.

EDENnewsEDEN Centre (Albania) was established in 2004 in Tirana, Albania aiming to contribute in a sustainable development and healthy environment through informing, educating and offering services in partnership with the interested actors.

Our main working sectors are: environmental education, environmental management practices, capacity building and public information and participation.

In mid-2015, we started the process of updating our Strategic Plan. In addition to the written contribution requested by our partners, strategic donors and individuals we work with, ideas and inputs were collected in a two days working sessions.

foj aktiv logoDear members and readers,
we're the FÖJ-AKTIV e.V., and we are an organization that supports the German ecological volunteer service by connecting and supporting volunteers. Every year about 3000 youths decide to do such a service and volunteer in projects, organizations, schools, offices and other places more with ecological and nature-protecting background – mostly in Germany, but also some other countries that are our neighbors.


The FÖJ is also an educational service, and all volunteers participate in 5 seminars throughout the year about different topics connected to nature, environment, people, resources... and because of all their excitement they are planning actions and (peaceful) demonstrations. We want to let you know about our upcoming events – you are invited to join:

belgrad1If you ask 9-year- olds what is missing in Belgrade for more frequent bike use, one of the answers would be "the hill". If you ask them what they like the most about bike riding, they would say: "the wind passing though my hair", "the fact that I'm riding", "being faster than my daddy"..... These honest answers show that bikes are very welcomed as a means of transport in Belgrade but unfortunately not used enough!

During November and December in 2015, Young Researchers of Serbia conducted a project "Belgrade would be white if you ride a bike". This project involved 520 pupils, ages 9 and 10, from 10 primary schools located in two city municipalities.

EDEN first article2EDEN center, together with center "Ekolevizja", in Tirana, Albania, in the framework of the project "South East Europe Sustainable Energy Policies (SEE SEP)", has organised on 10th December 2015 an open lecture with the students of the Faculty of Civic Engineering under the topic "Beyond COP21". The meeting was organised one day before the ending of the COP21 meeting in Paris.

The aim of the meeting was to stimulate public debate on climate change, energy efficiency policies and behaviors, as a response to the national commitments for COP21.

EDEN second articleThe environmental education center 'EDEN' was established near the Zoo of Tirana on 22 April 2008. Since that day, this center continues to educate next generations to love and respect the environment that surrounds us. This center is open for students from different elementary schools or youth groups, but not only. All the visitors of this center have the opportunity to access information about different environmental activities or related events, contacts and information on how to give their contribution. In this center, besides the theoretical information available at its library, young people have the opportunity to explore the environment around the zoo. Different educative games, activities and informative guides about the animals and nature are offered by this center.

IMG 20151127 111431miniWe are very pround to share that in November, under YRS, we launched the 5th Aarhus Center in Serbia and 60th in the world. This project was supported by Serbian Government and OSCE. The memorandum with the Serbian Government was officially signed and we held three trainings for future activists of new AarhusCenter New Belgrade.

Our idea is to engage young people (students of law, environmental protection, etc) in implementation of Aarhus Convention in Belgrade. Tijana Ljubenovic is a coordinator of the center.