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BDEVS1Hello! My name is Sandra and I am EVS volunteer in Latvia at "BALTA DABA" organisation. The country is wild and so wonderful and the team members treat me really good! During my EVS we are doing a very interesting activities. The first activity that I did on my EVS was to go birdwatching with one Latvian ornithologist boy. After that we made some lovely nest boxes! I really liked it this activity because I love birds. Other interesting activity was at "Dabas koncerzāle", is a very special concert in the nature, combining nature, music, poetry, art and lights.

BD1Starting from year 2014 "BALTA DABA" (Latvia) and "OPE" (Portugal) are cooperating for rivers protection activities in Latvia and Portugal.
In August 7-9th, 2015, we held international meeting in Latvia to exchange best practices on river protection methods in youth work.
During the meeting, we had a chance to visit the Slampe River restoration project and bog trail in Ķemeri National Park; "GAUJA RIVER FUND" workshop on wooden boat carving; small hydro power station on the Gauja River and discuss its influence on rivers biodiversity. We also found out what kind of local initiatives have been organised in Latvia to protect local rivers from illegal fishing and damming consequences.

IPAS1IPAS (Association for Environmental Integration and Social Progress) was founded in 2009 by a group of young people, with the great desire to bring a positive change in the Albanian reality, in terms of environmental protection.

Its vision is: "Justice, equal opportunities and progress for a society, which can unfold aspirations for a better life".

IPAS Association is a non-governmental, non-political and non-profit organization whose mission is to contribute in improving the situation in which we live, ensuring social equality and justice, environmental protection and economic development in Albania.

Biodiversa GreentoolboxsmallBiodiversa has launched a crowd-funding campaign to raise funds to translate the book "Green Toolbox" into Spanish, and thus make it available free of charge to more than 400 million people (Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world after Mandarin).

The Green Toolbox is a very practical and user-friendly guide full of simple tips on how to reduce the negative environmental impact of our daily actions. In the following page you can find more details about the project and the way to contribute to the campaign here.

AYA dinnerIn the middle of summer, AYA Volunteer Center organised a "Candlelight Dinner". The event was conducted in the framework of the International Campaign For Supporting Sustainable Development and Confronting Climate Change and the volunteer network IVS Against Climate Change "COOK 4 CLIMATE". The creative center "Integration" was chosen as the venue of the dinner.

The event was designed to demonstrate that the changes begin with ourselves. The candlelight dinner was a great opportunity to have in-depth conversations. Volunteers could learn more about the issue of the climate change and its effect on the world, they shared their experiences how to develop eco-life. They could also taste organic chocolate with honey, sourdough bread by e-Mazaya and farm-style yogurt and talke with local producers. Some of them even had the chance to take some sourdough away.

JNM3JNM is a Belgian youth movement for nature and environment, counting 3000 members aged 7 to 26. On a regular summer's day we are busy studying bugs or watching birds in the great outdoors, but when we feel we need to, we definitely gather for environmental issues too! Climate change could possibly be the biggest environmental challenge of all time, and the climate summit in Paris is going to be the most important climate protest we ever had. Of course we will be there, and obviously we will make the journey by anything but car or plane – think bikes, boats, and our very own carriage in an (already legendary) climate train: the Climate Express.

YBA1We are happy to share the latest news coming from Young Biologists Association NGO (YBA) from Yerevan, Armenia.

Biodiversity of the Year

 From 15 April to 22 May 2015, "The Young Biologists Association" NGO, in cooperation with the Chair of Zoology and Chair of Botany and Mycology of Yerevan State University, organised the public campaign "Biodiversity of the year 2015". The main aim of the campaign was to raise public awareness of the biodiversity and importance of nature conservation.

ECo expo in Tumo 5On 5th of June "Active Young Citizens Initiative" NGO took part in the Environmental Achievements Exhibition devoted to the World Environment Day, exhibiting the "Eco generation" youth project, works and drawings of participants. During the exhibition, the project participants also presented the process of paper recycling.

DSC 0184On April 22, the "Young Biologists Association" NGO in collaboration with "Mkhitar Sebastatsi" educational complex organised a tree planting in adjacent area of the school. The YBA members, together with schoolchildren from the educational complex, planted 45 trees on the 45th anniversary of Earth Day. An educational seminar on Earth Day's history and biodiversity of Armenia was also organised.

ED EDEN 2015.1smallEnvironmental center for Development Education and Networking (EDEN) celebrated the 11th consecutive year of the International Earth Day. The message of the year 2015 is "It's our turn to lead".

To have more connection in transmitting this year message, the celebration was organised near the Zoo park in Tirana, Albania where the Ecological center for Environmental Education, EDEN is situated. The activity was joined by the volunteers of the EDEN center and the students of the "Kristaq Rama" high school.The activity started with a presentation of the Ecological center for Environmental Education, EDEN, then its history and the services that this center offers for the education of the young people with environmental tools. The ecological center is a unique place near the Zoo, as it uses renewable energy sources, for example, solar for lightening its premises.

tkFrom April 15 to May 22 2015, the "Young Biologists Association" NGO, in collaboration with the Chair of Zoology and Chair of Botany and Mycology of Yerevan State University, organises "Biodiversity of the year 2015" environmental campaign.

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argonauta logo novoArgonauta (Croatia) would like to present an interesting and creative environmental youth exchange action - PLANT A TREE, based on the concept of learning by doing.
This project will take place on one of the beautiful islands of Croatia – Murter, between 16 May 2015 – 24 May 2015.

PLANT A TREE project will provide youngsters with an opportunity to learn about nature, environment and how important is to take care of our planet. Moreover, the Youth Exchange action will give participants the possibility for work together and explore a topic of their common interest, chance to meet and share cultures, to recognise and accept diversity.