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ED EDEN 2015.1smallEnvironmental center for Development Education and Networking (EDEN) celebrated the 11th consecutive year of the International Earth Day. The message of the year 2015 is "It's our turn to lead".

To have more connection in transmitting this year message, the celebration was organised near the Zoo park in Tirana, Albania where the Ecological center for Environmental Education, EDEN is situated. The activity was joined by the volunteers of the EDEN center and the students of the "Kristaq Rama" high school.The activity started with a presentation of the Ecological center for Environmental Education, EDEN, then its history and the services that this center offers for the education of the young people with environmental tools. The ecological center is a unique place near the Zoo, as it uses renewable energy sources, for example, solar for lightening its premises.

tkFrom April 15 to May 22 2015, the "Young Biologists Association" NGO, in collaboration with the Chair of Zoology and Chair of Botany and Mycology of Yerevan State University, organises "Biodiversity of the year 2015" environmental campaign.

Public voting

Animal of the year, Plant of the year, Fungus of the year and Lichen of the year will be chosen by public voting during the campaign. Each category is represented by three species. For voting please click here.

argonauta logo novoArgonauta (Croatia) would like to present an interesting and creative environmental youth exchange action - PLANT A TREE, based on the concept of learning by doing.
This project will take place on one of the beautiful islands of Croatia – Murter, between 16 May 2015 – 24 May 2015.

PLANT A TREE project will provide youngsters with an opportunity to learn about nature, environment and how important is to take care of our planet. Moreover, the Youth Exchange action will give participants the possibility for work together and explore a topic of their common interest, chance to meet and share cultures, to recognise and accept diversity.

DSC 7629 uprHnuti Brontosaurus (The Brontosaurus Movement) has been organising voluntary work camps in western part of Ukraine, Zakarpattia region for several years as the way to support the development of agrotourism and rural tourism. Every year plenty of volunteers from Czech Republic come to Carpathian Mountains to mark the hiking trails.

The year 2014 was different from the others because of the complicated political situation. Although the place of conflict is around 2000 km away from the Carpathian Mountains, many people perceive Ukraine as not a safe place anymore.
The mountainous region with rare opportunities and high unemployment lived from tourism, so now inhabitants face a difficult economical situation. Despite all these factors summer work camp took place this year too and surprisingly it attracted over 25 young volunteers!

Big Jump logoWe would like to invite young people across Europe to join the Big Jump Challenge (Youth action for water protection).

The Big Jump Challenge 2015 is the European youth campaign for water conservation. The campaign supports youth in promoting water protection through creativity and celebration. The campaign helps prepare and accompany the European River Swimming Day organised by the ERN in cooperation with many partner organisations throughout Europe. 2015 is the goal year of the European Water Framework Directive for water protection. Some progress has been made but much more still needs to be done. Without the public support of citizens, young and old, the protection of our water heritage for present and future generations cannot be achieved. So join us!

10982414 621574787974634 6327796984027878081 nWith the support of the Council for the Youth Issues adjunct to the Mayor of Yerevan, Active Young Citizens Initiative NGO and "Young Philanthropy Club" are implementing "Eco generation" youth project.
The project aims at raising youth awareness of the environment and ecology, which will contribute to increasing the sense of responsibility towards the environment and the city.
The project will start form 1st of March and will last till May.

wordle2The main themes of the Argonauta's EVS project "Sea is Life 4" are education, focusing on nature and the environment, active citizenship and youth creativity.

The objective of the project is to continue to raise awareness in the local community and the wider public about the importance of sustainable development and unused local community resources. It also aims to educate people about the Island Sustainability Education Centre with help of European Voluntary Service. The project commences at the beginning of January each year and runs for 12 months.

OPE nsl december 1On the 6th of December, a group of about 50 Ecoclubes' members gathered to go for a study visit to Quinta Ecológica da Moita. This is a project run by the Portuguese organisation ASPEA, in the region of Aveiro, which includes an environmental education center (being reconstructed in an old farm house, as you can see in the photo), a small forest of local species, some ponds, community farming fields and an educational apiary (bee yard).

Foej-Aktiv decemberA great morning, afternoon, evening or night – whenever you read that as people full of motivation and engagement – to all YEE members.
As it says on our website, "FÖJ-AKTIV e.V., founded in 2005 and run by volunteers, is an non-profit organisation for volunteers of the ecological voluntary service (FÖJ) in Germany. The aims are to promote the FÖJ, to consult and support applicants, and to plan and implement local, regional and national activities to foster participation and multiply the participation of FÖJ-volunteers."  

Balta Daba October 1October

On the 18th of October our association conducted a joint work re-establishing rapid torrents in the river Gauja. We did this by putting large stones in the river, therefore giving the river more oxygen. We also had a great participation from local community, which seems to establish a culture of taking care of their local river, therefore making them more aware of environmental issues in general.

photo 3 audiopathOn Saturday 18th of October Hnutí Brontosaurus, YEE member organisation, opened a new audiopath in Prague. The 8 kilometers long educational path connects 6 memorable trees in Prague 12 and shows visitors the history of the trees and their habitat. The specialty of the path is the audio format of information - visitors can listen to it with their smartphones through QR code. This article will summarize what was needed to do to develop the path and give you a few tips to create your own audiopath if the topic made you interested.

1. The topic
Very important thing is to have a topic important enough to make the effort and interesting enough to attract visitors. Volunteers from Hnutí Brontosaurus realised that in Prague there are many memorable trees (old or important trees protected by law) which even people living in neighbourhood do not know about. We felt the urgency to show people these giants who are witnesses of past and let them know how important trees are for nature as well as for humankind.

balta daba nsl oct 1Our member organisation BALTA DABA is sharing the news about the projects and events they have been working on in September and upcoming events for October.

During September we continued our local initiative project in Valmiera, conducting a joint work to gather trash along riverside of the river Gauja. We've already done this last spring (5 months earlier) and we came back to the same shore. We managed to gather a lot of trash along riverside and realised that people are still not environmentally-friendly and during the summer, they have left a lot of trash. We did this in cooperation with Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences students and our members. Afterwards we tried to raise awareness through media and social media.