The Right to Be(e) - Planting Action 2015

Right to bee articleThe Right to Be(e) is YEE's grassroot campaign designed to help the survival of the bees. Ever since 2012, YEE invites people annually to plant bee-friendly flowers and help support these important insects. By bringing more attention to the disappearance of bees and the issue of their survival, we encourage people to take initiative and make their mark. The phrase "Thing globally, act locally" perfectly defines the ways in which every one of us can give his/ hers contribution.

This year, we scheduled our Planting Action for May 11-23 and we are urging our member organisations and friends to be a part of it. We encourage people from all over Europe to take initiative and contribute to a better habitat for the bees. Also, we are inviting people to document their well intended activities and then send to us so that we can publish it and inspire more individuals to join.

Right to bee 2015 2

YEE office has already taken part in this year's planting action. As our office is located in the ecological farm Toulcuv Dvur, we have a unique opportunity to organise our own garden with our friends. On the weekend we planted some vegetables and strawberry in our small garden. We are sure that our vegetables will benefit greatly from the benefits of local bees, but also that the bees will enjoy pollinating them.

If you want to join the campaign, plant some nice flowers and send us your picture! You can read more about it here.