Tamjdem volunteering day at Toulcuv Dvur

TD15bOn May 8, while most of Czech Republic took a day off due to a public holiday, around twenty people were part of a volunteering action at the ecological centre Toulcuv Dvur in Prague. The idea behind this action was to contribute to the upkeep of the centre, using volunteer's effort and skills. At the same time, another reason for organising this type of activity was that the participants could gain not only new experiences in return, but also new friendships and sets of competences.

 This event was organised by Tamjdem and YEE. Tamjdem is a non-profit and non-governmental organisation that focuses on volunteerism, domestic as well as international. It is an organisation dedicated to helping the society by arranging volunteering days, volunteering weekends and workcamps.

Our organisation, YEE, was happy to be a part of the organisation of this volunteering day. It was a great pleasure to give our contribution, no matter how small or big, to the place where our office is located. Also, it is always a joy when you get to show other people that work can not only be a productive activity, but also a fun one.

The day began with a small name and introduction game, after which we received our respective tasks from the people of Toulcuv Dvur. Some of us worked on the farm, including the stable where we even collected horse manure. Others built a wall and did some gardening at the Materidouska centre. Furthermore, some volunteers participated in building a pond, instructed by a pond expert. Speaking of, during all of the activities, we had the help and advice from the people of Toulcuv Dvur.TD15

After noon, we all had a lunch break where we not only shared the food, but also had the chance to sit down and find out more about each other while relaxing.
Following lunch, we continued with our work. Some of us took a new post, some went back to their old ones.

When the working activities concluded, it was time for some fun. Precisely, we organised a scavenger hunt. The Tamjdem participants were divided into 3 teams and they each had different tasks to finish, including finding different station agents, or "spirits", in the ecological centre. At the end, each had to presents its completed tasks to the "game master" around the centre's fireplace and in front of everybody else.

The day came to an end with a lovely bonfire, where people gathered to unwind, chat and roast food over the fire.

As a conclusion, we cherish the possibility to be a part of such a lovely and above all productive event and we appreciate the cooperation with Tamjdem. This wasn't the first time we organise this in Toulcuv Dvur, and based on our latest delightful experience, it definitely won't be the last.

Check out the video that our friends from Budu Pomahat made:


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