Physical Board Meeting March 2016

PBM March 2016On 5 - 8 March YEE Board and office met for the Physical Board Meeting. This time the meeting took place in Kapraluv Mlyn, the scout center located in beautitul nature close to the city of Brno. The Board and office all came together to discuss and plan the future projects and activities in the organisation.


On Saturday, we started with the opening which was followed by the Chairperson's and Project Officer's sessions. During the sessions we also discussed the vision and identity of YEE and upcoming projects of our Work plan. The first day of the meeting ended with funny teambuilding games.

The morning of the second day was dedicated to working groups which focused on various ongoing projects in YEE: the new structure of YEE Work plan, updating Sustainability policy and creating Pool of Eco-Trainers. After lunch, several sessions were held: summaries about different work related fields of YEE from the Treasurer, Publications and Promotions Officer, External Relation Officer and at the end, we had some time to discuss news about Member Organisations as well.PBM March 2016 2

On Monday, the day begun with the session about the next Annual Meeting which started the preparations for our biggest event of the year. In the afternoon, we went for a small excursion and had a possibility to get to know the exciting history and the positive features of our eco-friendly venue, Kapraluv Mlyn. The day continued with a Communication Training with invited trainer Carmine Rodi who organised for us and facilitated various interesting communication related exercises.

We finished the morning of our last day, Tuesday, by having update from YEE Secretariat and evaluation of the meeting.

All in all, this Physical Board Meeting was a  smooth and successful reunion where we managed to deal with many different topics that hopefully will lead to the benefits of YEE.


See more from the meeting in our photogallery