TC Follow-up and impact in international projects

Training course "Follow-up and impact in international projects", took place on 8-15 August 2014 in Valmiera, Latvia. Young people from 15 different member organisations of YEE participated.

Tamjdem event 2014

YEE and Tamjdem worked together in Toulcuv Dvur, collecting the grass for compost, peeling the logs or taking nails out of them. After successfully completing the tasks, we participated in a scavenger hunt and relaxed by the fireplace.

TC 'Environmental education for sustainability'

The project was organised together by YEE and Young Researchers of Serbia. It focused on various techniques and methods of environmental education and involved a lot of practical exercises.


 With the support of the

Youth in Action programme

of the European Union  

With the support of the

European Youth Foundation

of the Council of Europe



Earth Day celebrations 2014

YEE celebrated Earth Day with the activities in the frame of The Right to Be(e) campaign

TC 'Youth for Rivers'

Training course "Youth for Rivers" focused on river restoration in Europe and took part in Armenia, October 2013. Photos by Kate Baker

Volunteering in Toulcuv Dvur with Tamjdem

2013 volunteering weekend in Toulcuv Dvur (20 participants from 7 different countries).

World water monitoring day 2013

The water monitoring day is an international event available to everyone who wants to participate. YEE is doing it as a tradition for many years, creating team building and enjoying the nature together.

Green Up events

Events from six countries for the campaign 30 years of volunteering for the environment.

Flip charts - Youth Participation

The materials from the Trainning Course 'Youth Participation for Environment' that took place in Czech Republic, 13th-18th July 2013. Were produced during the sessions - results of discussions, project ideas and more.

Annual Meeting 2013

YEE's Annual Meeting 2013 took place 19 - 21 July in Svycarna Eco Centre, Czech Republic. 36 representatives of the YEE network met together with the secretariat. The General Assembly voted to approve the budget, strategies and changes in statutes. We celebrated the network's 30th birthday. There was also a cake!

TC 'Youth Participation for Environment'

13th -19th July 2013 ( Svycarna, Czech Republic)
Was especially designed for youth leaders in YEE's member organisations, the course focused on methods that motivate young people to participate in environmental actions. The training course was organised by Hnuti Brontosaurus and YEE.
The project was funded by the Youth in Action Programme

TC 'Women for the Planet'

1st-8th June (Maribor, Slovenia) 25 participants met to develop their skills about leadership and communication to empower women in the environment development. The training course was organised by EPEKA and YEE. The project was funded by the Youth in Action Programme and the European Youth Foundation.

Youth Exchange 'Snapshot to Environment'

The youth exchange 'Snapshot to Environment' connected 35 young people who discussed global environmental challenges and their local impact. It provided a space for them to work together to create tools for raising awareness on those issues in their communities. The tools of the YE were photography and video that promoted creativity among participants, created an encouraging space for youth to freely express themselves, share opinions and learn from each other. The project was organised by Stepanavan Youth Center with the support of Youth and Environment Europe. The project was funded by Youth in Action Programme, the European Commission.

Upcycling workshops in Europe

As part of YEE''s International Upcycling Campaign, upcycling workshops took place in 6 different countries to inspire partipants to get creative with waste.

Day of Earth 2013

Even with a grey weather, Toulcuv Dvur had a great Day of Earth, full of families, kids and activities. We supported Bees, planting flowers and playing games With kids about importance of bees in the food chain.

TC 'Be a leader in an environmental NGO'

From 5 till 12 October 23 young people and trainers from different countries of Europe gathered in the ecological centre "Renata" in a small village Bela u Jevicka and discussed what it takes to be a good leader in non-profit organisations.

Youth Exchange - Give pedestrians their city back!

Tirana, Albania is a busy place. It is one of the fastest growing cities in the Balkans and it is facing a unique set of problems posed by private car ownership and lack of a pedestrian culture. YEE and Eden Centre hosted 30 participants to focus on these problems and to try and come up with some solutions for ways to give pedestrians across Europe their cities back.

Feasibilty visit 'Women leadership program' materials

The materials from the Feasibility Visit 'Women Leadership Program' that were produced during the sessions - results of discussions, project ideas and more. The Feasibility Visit took place in April 2012 in Ohrid, Macedonia.

Annual Meeting 2012

YEE Annual Meeting took place in Ecocentre Paleta Oucmanice, Czech Republic from 27th to 29th of July 2012.

TC Media, Communication & Nature

TC focused on environmental communication with media and public. July 2012, Ecocentre Paleta Oucmanice, Czech Republic.

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