Board meeting June 2008

YEE Board meeting held in Sweden in Ytterjärna (8-9 June 2008) in order to plan the Annual Meeting of the federation, prepare needed documents and analyze the situation of YEE.

World Water Monitoring Day 2008

YEE workers and volunteers during two days of October 2009 went to different directions of Czech Republic to check the quality of water in rivers, lakes and ponds in the frame of the action World Water Monitoring Day.

Making Meetings Magic 2008

Training course organised by the Swedish YEE's member organisation Fältbiologerna in Söderhamn, Sweden (2-7 June 2008). TC was focused on the topic of democratic decision making in environmental NGOs.

TC for trainers 2008

Training course organized by YEE in order to increase and/or learn techniques to develop projects, seminars and activities in the member organisations NGOs. TC was the first one from the series of training for trainers and was focused on facilitating and presentation skills.

The day of ecology 2008

A program for children, youth and adults organised in May 2008 by Ozvena where YEE partcicipated by leading a creative workshop in the frame of the day of ecology - program of Ecocitizens.

Day of the Earth 2007

YEE was celebrating The day of the Earth in April 2007 helping in Toulcuv Dvur with environmental shops for children and making presentation about renewable resourceworks.

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