European Youth Event 2016 in a few words

EYE 2016 2On 20-21 May the European Parliament in Strasbourg became, once again, the host of thousands of young people from all across Europe participating in the European Youth Event 2016. The event was launched in 2014 and it takes place every two years, inviting young people to raise their voice on European matters as well as global ones.

This year, YEE had the opportunity to participate as delegates of the group organised by International Young Naturefriends (IYNF) at the event.

The activities at the event included lectures, workshops, debates, Ideas Labs, games, role plays. The activities focused on five main themes: war and peace, apathy or participation, exclusion or access, stagnation or innovation, collapse or success. Discussions took place inside the European Parliament, but also in the YO!Village, the vibrant space outside the Parliament where young people could participate in ongoing activities - for example, taking European Commission's quiz on Europe, calculating the carbon footprint, trying yoga exercises and many more.

The IYNF stand presented many interested activities, such as learning how to be more sustainable with ecomaps, learning more about the TTIP (Transatlantic Trade Investment Partnership) or discussing on how to organise green events.

EYE 2016 1The event not only brought young people, organisations and decision makers together, but also contributed to making positive changes in society. It was inspiring to hear young people bring forward powerful ideas, share experiences and propose solutions on topics that have a great significance nowadays, such as youth sustainable development, equality, youth participation or migration. As the event's slogan states, "together we can make a change". 

You find out more about EYE 2016 and check out what happened during the event here.