When:  6-12 October 2013

Where: Aghveran, Armenia

Who: Balta Daba (Latvia), Khazer (Armenia) and YEE

River1 River2 River3

When: Training Course 13-19 July 2013

Where: Svycarna, Josefov, Adamov, Czech Republic

Who: Hnuti Brontosaurus (Czech Republic) and YEE

TC Youth Participation for the Environment 2013 Tc participation 2 Tc praticipation group

When: January - June 2013

Where: Czech Republic, Russia, Latvia, Armenia, Portugal, Albania

Who: Youth and Environment Europe

How to crochet plastic thread website How to make a t-shirt bag World map of Garbage Islands at Mosow Zoo website

Youth Exchange 'Snapshop to Environment'

When: 10-17 June, 2013; APV 1-2 May, 2013

Where: Stepanavan, Armenia

Who: Stepanavan Youth Center (Armenia) and YEE

Snapshot to Environment Snapshot to Environment2 Snapshot to Environment3

When: 1-8 June 2013

Where: Maribor, Slovenia

Who: ZRZ EPEKA (Slovenia) and YEE

Women for the Planet TC-Women for the Planet 17 Roma Kitchen