Project description

logo GrEn transparent background 1 copyThe long-term project "Green entrepreneurship" was developed within Youth and Environment Europe network based on observation of lack of work opportunities of young people, lack of support for young entrepreneurs and the need to promote environmentally friendly solutions.

The project will consist of several activities:
- Training Course "Supporting youth creating green start-ups" - TC for coordinators/youth workers - 22 people from 10 countries (Czech Republic, Spain, Latvia, Ireland, Croatia, Portugal, Romania, Hungary, Poland and Italy) will develop their skills in promoting, coordinating, supporting young people.
- Local workshops in the partner countries - to promote the concept of green entrepreneurship and find young people with start-up ideas
- International Campaign  - will spread and promote the green youth entrepreneurship through examples of successful projects (by videos and other tools).
- Training Course "How to be a green entrepreneur" - TC for young entrepreneurs - 23 people from 11 countries (Czech Republic, Spain, Latvia, Ireland, Croatia, Portugal, Romania, Hungary, Poland, Italy and Belgium) will train their skills needed to create their green initiatives (innovation, management, marketing, fundraising, legal issues).

Aims and ojectives:

The project aims to facilitate the access of young people to the labor market by training their skills, inspiring them to create their own green start-ups and promoting entrepreneurship.


  • To train young people's basic skills on how to create green start-ups.
  • To empower and inspire young people through successful examples and stories.
  • To give young entrepreneurs support when starting their own green business.
  • To encourage young people to think "out of the box" (innovative thinking).
  • To spread environmentally friendly practices among young entrepreneurs.

Contact person: If you want to know more about this project, please contact Mercedes Fioravanti This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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