Environmental challenge accepted

When: June 2016 - October 2017

Where: Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Portugal, Czech Republic

Who: BALTA DABA (Latvia)

Type of project: Strategic partnership

Project description:

The project was developed by YEE member organisation BALTA DABA together with other partners in order to promote direct youth involvement in solving local environmental problems. Each partner organisations will pick a real issue in their local community (for example, river pollution, waste managements, habitats protection, etc). The partners will work on these issues together with youth groups which they will coordinate during the project. The international campaign and contest will be launched and coordinated by YEE.


To explore innovative approaches for development of youth active citizenship by fostering youth ability to convince stakeholders of the need to implement their proposed solutions for environmental protection.


  • Estonian Fund for Nature (Estonia)
  • Organização para a Promoção dos Ecoclubes (Portugal)
  • Youth and Environment Europe (Czech Republic)
  • Lithuanian Fund for Nature (Lithuania)
  • BALTA DABA (Latvia)

Partners meetings: