Training course "Uniting Youth for Ecotourism"

When: 6-13 November 2017

Where: Kapraluv Mlyn, Ochoz u Brna, Czech Republic

Who: Youth and Environment Europe

Project description:

During the 2016 Annual Meeting several YEE member organisations expressed their interest in exploring the topic of ecotourism. Some members even pointed out the need to further develop this type of tourism in their countries. Moreover, ecotourism was identified as a current topic and a good way to promote active citizenship among young people. We believe that ecotourism can connect different parts of communities and could therefore be an innovative approach for promoting youth participation.

Under ecotourism we understand "responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment, sustains the well-being of the local people, and involves interpretation and education". We believe that many local communities can benefit from promoting ecotourism in their areas, especially if they are located close to natural parks and protected areas. As YEE is a youth organisation, we would like to find ways to empower young Europeans to feel more responsible for their homes and communities and to have sufficient competences to promote ecotourism and protect their homeland.
We think that working on this project of the topic of ecotourism and youth participation is especially relevant as 2017 is UN International year of Sustainable tourism and development.

Aim and objectives:

The aim of this training course is to strengthen youth participation and active citizenship through ecotourism and related projects.

- To define the role and importance of ecotourism in local communities.
- To create the common understanding about youth participation in local communities through ecotourism.
- To provide space for partners to share the experience of organising ecotourism projects with young people.
- To expand the knowledge and skills needed for organising ecotourism related projects in local communities.
- To create space for networking and building new partnerships among environmental youth organisations.


  • Youth and Environment Europe (Czech Republic)
  • Young Biologists Association NGO (Armenia)
  • Stepanavan Youth Center (Armenia)
  • Yeghvard (Armenia)
  • FYCA (Armenia)
  • 7ARTE (Kosovo*UN Resolution)
  • Let's Do It Peja (Kosovo*UN Resolution)
  • EDEN Center (Albania)
  • SAEM (Georgia)
  • AYA (Russia)
  • YRS (Serbia)
  • ReCreativity Social Enterprise (Hungary)
  • OPE (Portugal)
  • Eufemia (Italy)
  • FÖJ-AKTIV e.V. (Germany)
  • Asociación Biodiversa (Spain)
  • Eco Logic (FYROM)
  • Common Sense Youth Organisation (Azerbaijan)

Call for participants