Training course "Youth for environmental future"

When: 8-15 July 2018

Where: ecological centre Slunakov, Horka nad Moravou, Czech Republic

Who: Youth and Environment Europe

Project description:

The second training course “Youth for environmental future” will be organised using the results of the training course "Youth exploring participation"and exploring the topic deeper and in a more concrete form. During this training course we will explore environmental decision-making and how it is conducted on different levels: from local to international. We will invite youth workers to come together to learn more about concrete international frameworks and find the way to bring them back to local reality. At this training course we will explore tools which will be developed at the first training course and will practice using them on concrete environmental decision-making processes. We would like to explore why young people are not actively involved in environmental decision-making today and how environmental youth organisations can reach local youth to make them more aware of environmental policies. During this project we will discuss such international frameworks as the Paris Agreement, Sustainable Development Goals, Aarhus Convention, Bern Convention. We will explore how such documents are developed in connection with young people and how young people can follow the implementation and work on these documents more.

Aim and objectives:

The aim of the project is to broaden the understanding of environmental decision-making processes among youth workers and youth


  • To define environmental decision-making and explore different levels of it: local, regional, national, international
  • To identify the role of youth in environmental decision-making and ways for them to be involved in it
  • To develop the capacities of youth workers and environmental youth organisations to support the youth involvement in environmental decision-making