Campaign "Take a green stand"

When: April-December 2018

Where: various countries

Who: Youth and Environment Europe and partners

Project description:

The campaign will comprise of an online page on YEE website and local workshops. The online page will be launched in May. It will gather the knowledge from both training courses and will give young people the opportunity to share opinions on climate change and how they can participate to solve this issue through diverse media: articles, pictures and videos. The second part of the campaign are 10 local workshops organised by young people with the support of partner organisations. Workshops will focus on presenting international climate change frameworks to young people. In addition they will encourage young people to participate more by presenting tools on how they can implement these frameworks on a local level and still have a global effect. All workshops will be carried out in the same week in November, thus increasing their visibility.

Aim and objectives:

The aim of this international campaign is to empower young people to take part in climate change-related decision-making.


  • To provide young people with an opportunity to share their views and experience on working on climate
  • change issues
  • To create a space for collecting experience and initiatives on the topic of climate change-related decision-making
  • To give young people an opportunity to develop personal and social competences and gain experiences by actively participating in decision-making processes