Jovana Mirjanić - Projects Officer

Can you introduce yourself?       

My name is Jovana Mirjanić, student of Ecology at Belgrade's Faculty of Biology. Passionate about environment, animals (especially birds), books (especially Harry Potter), photography, baking soufflés and cooking; sports lover, traveller and keen on learning new languages; hardworking and devoted person who loves a good laugh and good coffee.

Which YEE member organisation do you belong to? What are the main activities of your organisation?     

I belong to Young Researchers of Serbia, NGO that is dealing with environmental problems, organising and promoting work camps, integrating young people in voluntary work and activism, etc.

How did you get involved in YEE? What was your first impression about YEE?

I was elected by my organisation to participate in the training course "Be(e) The Change" and to vote at the Annual Meeting. As soon as we started the program I realized I wanted to be "part of that world", because it was inspiring to see people from different cultures who equally care about the environment.

What is YEE for you?

For me, YEE is an opportunity to work with people who might not be environmentalists/ecologists, but who understand the importance of protecting the environment and are ready to use their specific knowledge to contribute to it. It is also a great example of how young people are capable of improving the world on their own, only if given space.

Why did you want to become a member of YEE Board?

At first I really had no intentions of becoming a Board member, simply because I thought I was not competent enough, but then, encouraged by some amazing people from the training course, I thought why not? Why don't I approach it as a challenge and believe I can contribute? I also think that it is of greater importance for my education, since they don't teach you these real life things at the faculty.

What is your main aim as a 2016 - 2017 Board member?

My main aim would be to learn how actually a successful NGO works. Apart from that, I will not set up some huge goals for now, but let's just say I will try to solve what I can on my own and contribute to the teamwork of the whole Board and the office.

Why do you care about the environment? What does the environment mean to you?

Because I am part of it. Because it takes care of me and I need to return the favour. Because the environment is a place where the circle of life happens (so poetic).