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In 2011 our Newsletter became e-Newsletter!

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The voluntary ecological year (FÖJ) is an educational year for young people that they can make after school.

The FÖJ -Aktiv e.V is a non-profit nationwide association for current and former participants of such project. It was founded in 2005 by former participants.
The FÖJ -Aktiv e.V is economically, denominational and politically independent.

Khazer Ecological and Cultural NGO was established in 1991. It is a public, non-governmental organization, whose founders, members and participants are united by a common idea. This idea is the preservation and restoration of national traditions, customs and, in general, spiritual heritage. Those topics are lead according to the basis of a society's self-organization, as well as sustainable development of public relations.

The doors of the European Youth Center opened to welcome the participants of the 25-th Advisory Council on Youth (AC on Youth) meeting that took place from 14th to 16th April 2011 in the heart of business Europe - Strasbourg.

The Council of Europe's training courses are known from their good quality. In March 2011 the Council of Europe organized the Training Course for Facilitators (Involved in non-formal education with young people) in the European Youth Center Budapest. As YEE Main Coordinator I decided to participate in this project because I want to develop skills that I need in my work for YEE and I expected to bring many important information about one of our main partners, the Council of Europe.

Let me share with you some information and my impressions on recently attended event of the European Youth Forum, also known as Youth Forum Jeunesse (YFJ). Accordingly to its self-definition, the European Youth Forum (YFJ) is an independent, democratic, youth-led platform, representing 98 National Youth Councils and International Youth Organisations from across Europe.

The environmental education is a holistic approach which covers the global development of human beings Normal 0 21 to be open for communication, to be creative and unique, to cooperate, to express opinions and, of course, to learn about and understand environmental topics.

The new draft Decision of Council of Ministers on "Batteries, Accumulators and their Wastes" ─ which is supposed to bring Albanian practice into line with the European Union ─ threatens to significantly reduce lead recovery rates from Lead Acid Batteries (LABs) and could increase the risk to public health and the environment.