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In July 2010 I became part of a big international family called YEE. Now, after one year working for the organisation, it is time to say goodbye.

In the Autumn of 2010 Look East Wild Earth ran a ten day Youth in Action training course in Novosibirsk and Irkutsk, Russia. We involved organisations from four countries with a shared focus on forestry, conservation and sustainability in order to help them become European Voluntary Service experts, and allow the sharing of best practice and excellence in the volunteering sector between local and international groups.

I see trees, little bushes and there in between the trees a great swamp with a little pond in the middle. I hear birds singing, wind wishpering and ... silence. I'm standing here in the middle of forest. In the middle of everything.

Have you ever heard about hemp? Cannabis, hanf, konopí, cañamo, chanvre, cânepă, konoplja... There are many names for this versatile plant that have been used for a wide variety of purposes for thousands of years.

The National Botanical Garden of Albania, situated in the capital Tirana, was founded in 1971. It has an area of 14.5 hectares and there are around 900-950 species of plants, mainly examples of Albanian flora. It  forms part of the Faculty of Natural Sciences of the University of Tirana and is the only garden of its kind in Albania.

In 2011 one of YEE's founding member organisations - IVN - decided to entirely transfer its partnership with YEE to its youth arm. That's why in this edition of the Newsletter we welcome WoesteLand as a (semi) new member and friend of YEE. We asked the team from Woesteland to tell us a bit more about what they do. So let us introduce you to ... WoesteLand!

In ancient times, the Chinese empire had to build the Great Wall to protect the country from the invasions of the Mongols coming from the north. Nowadays the threat still comes from the same northern border, but the enemy has changed: now China has to fight against desertification.

A local medical centre made of straw bales – it sounds a bit suspicious to many people. But the nature protection NGO Little Earth recently constructed such a building for the first time in Tajikistan.