The main goal of YEE Newsletter is to publish your reports and pictures from activities you organised, plans for future, calls for partners, articles about environmental topics, about issues your organisations are dealing with or presentation of your organisation.

In 2011 our Newsletter became e-Newsletter!

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Youth and Environment Europe attended the meeting organized by the European Youth Foundation in the European Youth Center in Strasbourg from 11 to 14 of March 2014.

It was on the 8th of September 2013 when I was coming home from Cluj-Napoca in some friends' car and they were wondering if they would have time to get to the protest in Bucharest. I asked them "What protest?" and they told me the entire story.

Over the last 5 years YEE has organized and participated in so many international projects that the descriptions of all of them would never fit in one article.

Instead we will try to give general overview of what kind of projects we organise and work with.

Last year we celebrated 30 years of YEE. Members and old friends share their wishes:

Short Stories from the YEE office in Prague

The first YEE office was based in Copenhagen, Denmark. It later moved to Utrech in the Netherlands and finally to Prague, Czech Republic in 1998.

The General Secretary, Main Coordinator and two EVS volunteers work from an urban eco center called Toulcův dvůr. They are joined by the office cat Knedlík.

YEE Office

Pictured above: Jesus, Gosia (former EVS and Main Coordinator), Natasha, Knedlik the cat, Mercedes and Jess.


Over last five years (2008 – 2013) YEE saw a lot of interesting publications produced for the network.
Some of our publications are regular (like e-Newsletter) and some are connected with a specific topic or project.
In this article you can see how our publications changed and evolved over the five year period.

In an earlier issue of YEE Members News (December 2012), we were allowed to report for the first time on our Natuur 2000 bat project "Fort Oelegem", situated in the surroundings of Antwerp.
This project celebrates its 30th anniversary this year (2014). The start of it was already special, as our yearly January bat count revealed Fort Oelegem being the most important bat hibernation site in Flanders.

In the June 2013 YEE invited you to participate in the international protests that happened in Germany this summer: Reclaim the Fields and Climate Camps and also the Reclaim the Power Tour. Now we publish the results.

 InYouth Ukraine is a Ukrainian NGO founded in February 2012. Composed of 20 members, the majority of them  are students aged 18 – 23 years old.

YOUTH WITHOUT BORDERS (YWB) is a non-governmental organisation (NGO) which unites 200 young people from all regions of the Republic of Armenia.

Yeghvard Youth and Ecological NGO was established on 17 November 2009. It is a non-profit, grassroots organization completely managed by local youth members in Yeghvard, a city located within te Kotayk region of Republic of Armenia.

Biodiversa is a non-profit grassroots environmental NGO in Spain, formed by a group of nature-lovers who dedicate part of thier lives to preserving, defending, studying and enjoying nature.