Here you can read articles, news, interviews etc. connected to topics of Horizon 2020 project "STEP - Societal and political engagement of young people in environmental issues".

To find out more about the STEP project or receive more news from the project, go to or contact Roxana at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. is a French platform that aims to provide information and tools in order to help young people to get involved in public life. Voxe team accepted to answer some questions about their work, and about the future they see in youth participation.

What is and how does it work?

Voxe: is a media that allows young people (18-25 years-old) to get better information, for a better involvement. renders accessible the issues of today’s world.


Collecting signatures is, for instance, a traditional way of drawing public opinion and institutions` attention on a particular issue: in some case, people sign a petition to call for a referendum, that is to turn an unofficial act into an official one. In a world without ICT, activists would set stands in a public place, most probably in a crowded square, would stop people explaining them the reasons why it`s important to care about the issue, would distribute flyers and leaflets with the goal of collecting as many signatures as possible.

With information and communication development (ICT) we generally intend any product which enables users to store, transmit, access and even manipulate information. The development of ICT has, during the last years, revolutionized our way of living: at the individual level, think about the way we communicate with friends, plan our holidays or apply for a job. And going wider and deeper, consider how national bureaucracies, state education systems or media have been affected by the introduction of ICT.

During Sziget festival in August 2017, we invited young people to join our "STEP into the camera" activity. We asked them about the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals and which are the most important ones in their opinion. We 'caught' a lot of smiles and opinions, while talking with most of the youngsters in the photos about the goals they chose.

STEP wants to engage youth in the climate change discussion. You can express your opinion through a new dialogue-contest.

STEP up and make a change! Prizes await those who will STEP up and share their opinion.

4 simple steps to participate in the contest:

1. Enter and register in the platform
2. Select the "Step EU Pilot"
3. Select the "Tackling Climate Change" dialogue and reply to the questionnaire
4. Share the dialogue link to social media and include the hashtags below:
#Step4ClimateChange & #iSteppedUp

Deadline: October 20th (23:59 CET)