So here we are. Last day as the Networking Coordinator in YEE…

Sounds familiar? It is the second time I say ‘goodbye’ to YEE but I smile thanks to all the interesting and exciting activities that I’ve been involved in for the past two-and-a-half years in this position in the YEE Secretariat.

Edinburgh, oh wonderful Edinburgh! And Scotland, oh wonderful Scotland. And networking - oh, how full of wonder is networking. :-) That is why YEE (as one of the most established environmental youth networks in Europe) is a member of the EEB (European Environmental Bureau, Europe's largest network of environmental citizens' organisations). And we are still the only youth organisation in the EEB - so did I try to be young and youth when I went to EEB's Annual Event in this wonderful part of Europe, organized in cooperation with a Scottish member (Scottish Environment LINK - again a network). Since YEE is also a board member in the EEB, I participated in all four days of the program - board meeting, conference, AGM (Annual Meeting of General Assembly) and workshop day. Every day another venue, every day different input, and every day another cherry added to this great cake of a city.

On 27th and 28th October 2017, our two EVS volunteers Coline and Cristian took part in the Training Course on Climate Change organised by the European Youth Forum. The high level of participants, the density of the program and the quality of the speakers made the Training Course on Climate Change a precious opportunity to broaden Coline and Cristian`s knowledge on the topic and, above all, to have a first-hand experience of what being an activist means.

The first day was particularly intense and included six different presentations. The Science and Impact of Climate Change was a general but complete scientific overview of the phenomenon which provided a huge amount of information concerning its causes and consequences, the position of scientists (it is always worth to remind that 99% of scientists agree that human activities are the main causes of climate change!), its risks and what can be done to slow it down.

YEE and Gutta-club would like to invite all interested organisations to apply as partners to the training course "Climate Ambassadors: Youth against plastic".

We would like to organise an international training course for environmental youth organisations. We want to bring together youth workers who want to develop their competences on educating public about plastic pollution and share their previous experience with colleagues from different countries.

Join this project as a partner and together we will develop new educational tools about plastic pollution and overconsumption. You can learn how similar organisations tackle this issue in their work and get to know practical methods to use in your work after this project.

Please, read the full call for partners here.

Every year, YEE Board and Secretariat meet four times to discuss the ongoing issues of the network and set the direction of the work for the next months.

The second meeting of the Board 2017-2018 took place on 14-16 November 2017 in the ecological center Toulcuv Dvur in Prague, Czech Republic. During these three busy days, the Board and Secretariat had time to get closer to each other through some teambuilding activities, to train their communication and public speaking skills thanks to a training lead by Carmine Rodi, and most of all, to discuss many of the key points of the network.