Every year YEE office team goes for a day-trip for the World Water Monitoring Day. It is a good way to go a bit out of the office and get closer to nature.

wwmd_newsWWMD is a quite simple worldwide initiative: you order the water monitoring kit on the website, go to some water body, analyze the water following the steps explained in the instructions and you obtain the results of the quality of water. WWMD is an international project so you can share the results with participating communities around the world through the website.

Cleanup days in 100 countries: March 24 - September 25 in 2012.

Right now there is 100 million tons of illegal garbage lying around the world. Waste is everywhere - in cities, beaches, oceans, forests. And every day, we add more. It’s time to wake up and turn things around.

In 2012, from 24th of March until 25th of September, a series of cleanups will sweep over the globe, touching all continents and bringing together millions of people who will be cleaning up their homes. Already 2 million people have participated in the cleanup actions in 16 different countries. Join the World Cleanup initiative and organize a cleanup day in your home country in 2012 as well!

To find out more, check the campaign’s website - http://letsdoitworld.org/

In October 2011, youth, educators and NGOs across Europe had the opportunity to contribute to strengthening local environmental movements, through a series of environmental forums organized by Tread Lightly. Young people, educators, and environmentalists gathered in London, Paris, Milan, Amsterdam and Oslo, to discuss pressing issues, formulate recommendations for the Rio+20 Earth Summit agenda, and learn how they can reduce their own ecological footprints through the Tread Lightly program. The outcomes of each forum will contribute towards the milestone UN Rio+20 Earth Summit, taking place in Rio de Janeiro in June 2012.You can take a look at the recommendations here.



Autumn has arrived and it is time for us to have a look at what happend and start planning new projects within YEE.

You can find many information about our recent projects by reading the new YEE e-Newsletter.

Enjoy reading!

If you have some comments about YEE e-Newsletter or you want to contribue with articles, write us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Would you like to contribute to YEE publication 'EVS for Environment'?

2011 was announced the Year of Volunteering. Therefore we decided to make a publication about volunteering for environment. We want to gather experience of various NGOs on different ways of volunteering, how to work with volunteers, how to involve them in environmental projects, how to motivate them.

We would really like to make this booklet together with all YEE member organizations and friends.
So we are waiting for your articles, examples, ideas and other kind of information related to volunteering for environment.

Does your organization make interesting projects for volunteers?
Do you have examples or good volunteering practices?
Is there any volunteer in your organization willing to tell us his/her experience?

Deadline for articles: 1st of November
Send your articles to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.