TatrasWe drink water every day mainly with no reflection. But fresh water is a real treasure that needs to be protected. Water is an integral part of our environment and we cannot live without it, however, there are people who do not have access to fresh water.

YEE aims at linking the protection of the environment with the defence of human rights and at making public aware of this relation by creating the photo exhibition "Water - Its importance in pictures". The exhibition will be published on this website, on www.sunnycampaign.net and a physical exhibition will travel from country to country: envisaged in Armenia, Czech Republic, Germany, Sweden, and Ukraine.

Everybody is welcome to contribute with pictures from above mentioned countries. Summer trips are great opportunity to do so. Water flows in our Universe and as environment it knows no border. Let's show it to people! Take pictures of persons drinking from different sources of fresh water and send them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Don't forget to write down your full name and your country of origin for the subtitle of the picture. If you like you can also submit your own subtitle additionally.

Deadline for sendind photos is October 4. After the deadline you can still contribute with pictures to our web galleries at www.sunnycampaign.net.

LogoCOE_125_92_smallWe are looking forward to your contribution!

Project "Water – Its importance in pictures" was funded by the European Youth Foundation – the Council of Europe.

YEE team is starting to prepare the next issue of YEE Magazine. Each issue of our Y&E Magazine aims to study one important environmental topic in a deeper way. We gather articles from young people that deal closely with the topic of the magazine.

From now on we will connect YEE magazines with specific projects. By doing this we will be able to multiply the achievements and learning of each of our projects.

The next edition of the YEE Magazine will be called 'Environmental education through the eyes of young people. Games for nature'. It will be a follow-up publication to the youth exchange 'Learning from each other - games of environmental education' that will take place in Poland in September and is organised by our Member Organisation OA PTTK (http://oakrakow.pttk.pl/j/index.php).

As well as including contributions from participants in the youth exchange, we also hope that other members of YEE will be able to contribute to this publication. Do you know interesting games used in environmental education? Have you recently taken part in a game that opened your eyes (or ears!) to nature in a new way? If the answer to either of these questions is "yes" then we would love to receive an article from you on the topic.

The deadline for articles is 27th September.

Please send your the articles to:
Gosia Zubowicz, The Main Coordinator in YEE office: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or to Gemma Tracey, the Publications and Promotion Officer: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

EVS volunteer working in YEE office in Prague Francesco Ballone, has finished his volunteering project. We would like to thank Francesco for his help with many projects, website, local actions. We wish him good luck in his studies on environmental assessment in China.


If you would like to become EVS volunteer in YEE, check the section EVS. The deadline for applying for EVS project in YEE starting in March 2011 is 13th of September. Please send CV and motivation letter to Gosia Zubowicz This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Fifth day, Friday 13th

The day started with the Secretariat report: the office team gave an account of its work during the last year.

In the morning, a representative from another organization applying for membership, EcoCenter Zapovedniks from Russia introduced this NGO in front of all the participants; after this presentation, the Membership Acceptance and Membership Cancellation issues were discussed. Both applying new Organizations, Baobaby from Czech Republic and EcoCenter Zapovedniks from Russia were accepted as Associate Members. Welcome in our team!

The afternoon session (about the approval of the Statutes and the Rules of Procedure) was long and hard but very fruitful. After a couple of years of work, discussions and proposals, finally a lot of important amendments to the Statutes and Rules of Procedure were discussed and adopted. Hopefully, these changes will help the Federation to be more effective, more transparent and will bring it closer to the needs of its MOs.

The nominations for the new Executive Board Members were opened at the end of the day. They will be elected tomorrow by the delegates of the Full Member Organizations.


Fourth day, Thursday 12th

The sessions of this morning were reserved for discussing again about the draft projects that the participants are developing during this AM. We had a useful session about fundraising, and then the delegates split again in small groups for a simulation of grant application for their projects. At the end of the morning session, the groups got together again and presented their projects in front of a "funding commitee" so that their proposals could be discussed more in depth by everybody. It was a very fruitful session, and you can see how these project are really taking shape and they're getting ready to be included in the Working Plan for 2011.
After lunch, the "official" part of the AM was opened. The voting rights of the delegates from full MOs were verified and the Meeting started, with the election the Chairperson of the Meeting and of the Electoral Committee for the election of the new Executive Board. The participants listened to the Annual Report about the projects carried out this year by the federation, with the participation of many of the project leaders. Then Adriana, the Secretary General, presented the Financial Report. Finally, the Chairperson Anne and the other Board Members presented their personal reports for the last year, and the Board was officially cleared.
Democracy is good, but following all the correct procedures can be tiring... so, at the end of the day, participants deserved some relax in front of a fire here in Svycarna! ...and trying to make a bonfire out of wet branches and damp timber was a challenging team-building exercise! ;)