We started the second day of the AM playing a game proposed by Nazineh. After warming up, the office team together with the board members presented the Annual Report. The Financial Report was presented and explained by Adriana (Secretary General). Last report was the Secretariat Report which was presented by the office team through a nice song of YEE.

The Annual Meeting 2011 has started!

From 16th to 21st of July the Training Course 'I can lead! I can facilitate'! will take place in Prague. Participants from 12 different countries will take part in this project dedicated to help young people to improve their skills in leading projects, managing groups and especially in facilitating.

Find more information about this project here.

YEE e-Newsletter June 2011YEE_e-Newsletter_cover

Read our new e-Newsletter to get to know more about many interesting projects (prepared by YEE and member organisations) and interesting environmental actions!

YEE e-Newsletter has a new design - how do you like it?

Check YEE e-Newsletter June 2011

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YEE prepared for you another useful publication - the bookletCover_discover_nature
'Discover Nature. Tools for environmental education'.
It's full of new methods that you can use in your work in nature.

It's a follow-up project of the Youth Exchange
'Learning from each other - methods of environmental education'.

Use methods that other environmental organisations are using already!

Download the publication:
'Discover Nature. Tools for environmental education'

Printed version will soon reach your organisation.

Enjoy reading!