A global policy to preserve forests and limit carbon dioxide emissions will likely be folded into a draft text this week at the UN climate change conference in Copenhagen.

VIII International Mobile Seminar on Protected Areas Integrating People, Protected Areas and Landscapes: Issues and Strategies in the Face of Global Change. April 30, 2010: Deadline to receive the application form and required materials. July 5-20, 2010: Presentation of the course.

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Water experts from around Europe gathered in Brussels last month to exchange experience and knowledge about the important lessons from LIFE funded actions in support of the EU's Water Framework Directive (WFD).

European water resources continue to experience significant levels of stress from a variety of sources, and October's "Water for life - LIFE for water" conference explored the range of positive contributions that LIFE projects have been making to help achieve WFD goals concerning good ecological status of EU waters by 2015 and EU seas by 2020.

Council of Europe Secretary General, Thorbjørn Jagland will sign an agreement with the London-based MBI Al Jaber Foundation, in order to develop co-operation on Intercultural Dialogue in the Euro-Mediterranean region.

UNITED is producing the 92th printed edition of the Calendar of Internationalism which will be sent Europe-wide to over 2500 European organisations active in the field of antiracism.